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September 29, 2010



I was going to reply to your previous post where you mentioned having to level in order to harvest but I got distracted playing EQ2X.

I thought for a while you meant that you thought your harvesting skill was tied only to your adventuring level, but it's clear from your comments above that you know it is capped against the higher of your adventure or crafting levels, so that's not the problem. The only other problem you could be having would be issues over finding safe harvesting spots and as you confirm above, that's the issue.

Raising your adventure level is obviously good, because it allows you to harvest just about anywhere, but it isn't actually necessary. There are safe harvesting spots for at all tiers for crafters even if their adventuring level is in single figures.

Of course, the trick is in knowing where they are, but asking in a crafter-oriented channel usually brings plenty of good suggestions. In some tiers there are completely safe spots with no aggressive mobs at all. In all tiers there are many spots where an alert and careful harvester can avoid getting squashed by aggressive wildlife.

As far as I can tell, mobs in EQ2 do not change their agro radius according to the difference in levels between them and you. Unlike other MMOs, red-con mobs won't spot you from half a zone away and charge over for an easy kill. (Those Evil Eyes you mention are a notable exception, in that they are one of the few mobs in EQ2 that actually use Line-of-sight agro rather than a radius - a joke about them being, well, Eyes. But I digress).

From memory, the most challenging tier is T7. The Kingdom of Sky zones were designed specifically to prevent crafters with no adventuring levels from getting easy pickings. Stupid decision and they did revamp some areas to make harvesting easier, but it remains the most awkward stage. With Faydwer, though, there are other options besides the KoS zones.

Anyway, I personally think it's more fun to level up adventuring and just remove the annoying creatures in your way, but if you don't want to, you really don't have to.


@Bhag - Thanks for the information, that is definitely good to know. I'd heard that some crafters never adventure but I couldn't see how they could do that and harvest.

Leveling the way I explained in the post, it wasn't nearly as annoying as I thought it would be. In two sessions, I dinged 4.5 levels. *shrug* And I have to go out to harvest so if I can make it mildly entertaining then I'm good. I'd like to see some of the other content at some point. If I just level like this then I can elect to do some guild runs if/when I'm in the mood.

There's a group wanting me to hurry up and do the Ship Out quest as the pre-req for the crafting instances they do. After this next decorating job I'll at least do that, even though I abhor quest chains. I want to see the crafting instances and contribute to the guild. They are a very nice group of people although most of the time I'm off in my own little crafting world.

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