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September 30, 2010



Just curious, shouldn't it be D I Y, not D Y I?

Alysianah aka Saylah

oops, hurried mistakes. thanks for the catch!! I came up with the idea, took the pictures, wrote the post and the guide all today. *whew* That mistake never caught my eye and I replicated it all over the place. LOL Think I caught them all. :-)


No problem, glad to help. I actually looked up DYI and saw that in some places it stands for Design Your Inspiration. So then I wasn't sure which way you meant it.


Now now now, you're setups are starting to look so good it's getting unfair to my coinpurse,
double whaaaaa for the new kitchen hihi!

You're a busy fae, so I'll post the question here;
are you planning a Halloween set?
And if so would you be interested in 14 skull posts our carpenter has been filling the guildbank with, I'd rather not sell them to a vendor if you have use for them!

Let me know!

Ziyi & Twinkle


@Ziyi - Sorry I didn't reply in time to your tell. I think the Qeynos City Festival has everyone sprucing up their homes this weekend. I haven't advertised once but it's been busy, non-stop orders and customers. I'm not complaining though, I'm having an absolute blast. I swear it's like finally playing The Sims with other people. haha

I was going to do something for Halloween but I think I may have to pass. I have orders and decorating jobs backing up now and... OOC I'll be making a real life change in a few weeks that will initially cut into my gaming time unless EQ2 will run on my Dell Tablet PC. I will be out of town working.

I have a stash of skulls and chests in my basement that I was preparing. However, when a little extra time does open up I think I'd rather focus on my new secret project which I think will be a nice on-going social event.


Nonono, stop apologizing hihi, you're busy, that's good!
I can sell them then? They don't fit my fae tastes very well to have them as robehangers.

Ziyi & Twinkle

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