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August 16, 2010


Winged Nazgul

Now might be the time to finally check out Atlantica Online. Big patch coming tomorrow with the long-awaited Tactical Battle System and Housing:



I'll check out the link. Seeing your name reminds me of the good times we had as a guild in Warhammer Online. Dayum that was fun while it lasted. :-)


Wait - what? That's what Atlantica Online looks like?? I'm totally confused as to why I never tried it at all. I must have had it confused with something else when you were playing it and blogging.

Julie Whitefeather

Welcome back to wow. Fran has convinced me to give it another try and I have been playing a gnome warrior with mining and engineering. I would be interested in trying EQ2 if it weren't for being cast into what Tipa calls the free to play ghetto.


Winged Nazgul

LOL, probably not. The graphic styles in Atlantica are very diverse ranging from Ancient Sparta/China to Steampunk Wild West.


I have a hunch this will backfire terribly for SOE. People like me, and Saylah perhaps, will end their subs and go free to play instead. Because lets face it, the sub servers are full of achievement oriented players. The free to players will probably have a lot of more players who just wants to play casually and have a little fun.


If you want to really give something new a try, you might apply for a Beta key (or hunt around for one online) for World of Tanks. Goofy name, but I'm enjoying it....and I was never a big PvP fan at all.

Winged Nazgul

Yeah, I'm also in the World of Tanks beta and having fun. Not playing it too much at the moment to prevent burnout come release but this is one title I'm really excited about.

Don't really think this will quite be Saylah's cup of tea, however.


As it happens, I saw a video of World of Tanks when I was searching for the recently released GW2 game play footage. I don't think it would be my thing.

As for EQ2, I think a saving grace could be that players who do copy over still have their mains on the original live server. Some may keep the sub but play with friends on the F2P servers too.

I wouldn't call them ghetto servers. LOL Reduce functionality, but that's assuming that everyone on those servers is and remains F2P which might not be the case. The only thing restricting items and access is your payment model. For people who just want to dabble, try new classes and be very casual, there's likely to be a steady stream of bodies in the lower levels again. This could be appealing to a P2P player.

In all honestly, what you may find is a nice mix of both on the "free" servers. For example, I immediately thought of moving my main to have her there parked. I'd roll new chars with the Hemlock group if they go there OR I'd could dual box for free!! If that's enough entertainment, I would sub the main at the normal price to give me access to whatever I want/need via the main but the boxed-chars get a free ride. win-win.

Republic Monetary

Ugh...I got burned out of WoW and I just can't bring myself back to playing it again. Maybe if it went to F2P I'd reconsider (which I hear they are considering) but I'm just tired of it. Even the new expansion isn't enough to lure me back.


The fact the it's lobby PVP - wait around anywhere you like until one pops, is what makes it quick fun. I usually do an hour or so then log out.

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