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August 25, 2010



Maybe they want server 1sts?


16 instances of the Halas zone last night. ;) You can change instances by zoning, grouping and right-clicking on someone, or finding the instance portal. The Darklight portal is at Wanderlust Fair. The Gorowyn portal is by the pool at the lowest level of the city. I'm not sure where they are in Halas and Kelethin.

My motivation is a combo of that "new server smell", the flexible payment plan, and the chance to be in on the ground floor of a interesting experiment.

I agree that they need more incremental unlocks between Silver and Gold. That seems to be the most common comment on the forums...

...when you screen out the trolls, the Live players worried about the viability of the old subscription servers, and the Turbine fans worried that Extended has just stolen F2P-LotRO's thunder.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I guess there's that reason although I've never really heard people bragging about EQ2 server firsts. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention.


i am a first time eq2 player on the x server. i am having a blast. everyone i know who copied players over did it to supply their alts who can actually play with other people. imagine having an 80 in wow that cant raid for w/e reason and no one for your alts to play with. as for entire guilds i dont understand either

i dont like the business model. either go like $8 sub plus rmt or straight rmt. i have not even opened the shop to browse and wont until near level 60.

but tons of polished content for free? I wont complain too much.


There's already well established "first" guilds (number one server wide etc) on the live servers. It's *very* common to see guilds moving to a server that does NOT have an established "server first" raid guild - eq2flames keeps detailed lists of every server and where every "raid guild" is progression wise. For contested kills for example, if there's already two or three guilds killing them, it's really appealing to move to a server where they're not being killed so that you can claim them for your own.

Just a little insight from a raider.


@Star - I didn't know that, thanks for the information.


The chat channels are visible anywhere, so 1-9 is visible globally and in all instance of a same zone.

The only way I'm aware of to purposely change your zone instance is to group with someone, then right-click them in the group window and choose "switch instance" or somesuch option. Alternatively, you can zone out and back in and you will be zoned in to your groupmate's instance. If you're not grouped, then I believe you are randomly assigned an instance that has a low population.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@pk - Thanks!


I have admittedly not looked in detail what you can buy and what you have to subscribe to get. If you have to subscribe to get some of the other classes than they provide with the "free" option, I am not so sure I would play the game.

I like Brigand of those they provide by default - or at leats used to back when I played the game a couple of years ago. But there are other classes which are not available I would rather like to play.

KiwiRed .

Apparently SOE have had a change of heart, and will be allowing purchase of classes by bronze and silver players (supposedly on a per-class basis, as opposed to the 3-packs for races - it's on the forums, but there's not much detail as yet), and are looking at changing the chat and broker limits as well.


That was going to be my guess too. There seems to be a lot of bragging rights to those, if that's what one is into. Raid firsts too?

I dunno, I don't raid and I'm WAY too much of a slacker to care. It does all seem pretty odd to me, but at the end of the day it's their money. ;)


@Kiwi- thanks for the update. That might be in indication of the rapid success. I mean, I'm see lots of gold players all over the place.

We Fly Spitfires

Sounds like the good ol' days. It was sure was great when the servers were bustling and everything was busy. Just goes to show how important a vibrant community is to a MMO.

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