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August 24, 2010


Green Armadillo

"It’s no fun crafting or harvesting just to sell the items to vendors."

EQ2 also offers the option of crafting to turn in directly to NPC's for additional crafting exp, status, and faction. Crafting to sell direct to other players is going to be a challenge because of the sheer number of combines needed per crafting level. If there's even one other player trying to sell everything they craft, that's enough to flood the market.

Capn John

Why is it that every time I log in to Skype, you're also logged in but "Recording Podcast w/NPNM - DND" ?


@Green - I know and think that's a good option for players. However, my definition of being a crafter is making items for use by others / being part of the economic flow of the game. As such, I never leveled my crafting in EQ2 using the NPC orders which amounts to doing quests. I make what I can sell and have been lucky enough to support my character doing it. However, it does get tricky in some level ranges when you're competing against long established players.

@John - Oops, that's because Skype logs me in automatically and I haven't remembered to change my status. I've only been on Skype for the past several months if recording a podcast. My Skype account is active on all the computers so even if one of the kids or my nephew boot up a PC, Skype puts me online. I need to fix that! Doh!

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tesh - Nothing "new" or innovative. I think they've done good work on simplifying the introductory experience and easing things like travel to match how quickly you can travel in other games compared to EQ2.

In chat today, some players were expressing a concern that F2P brings the kiddies. I commented that I feel EQ2 is a bit too old school to hold youngsters. It is the one MMO that I couldn't get a single member of my household to play - ever. They all bailed before level 10. It's a game design, zone, quests, crafting, etc. that's going to appeal to certain type of players.

I find EQ2 to be much more of an "in for the long haul" game. Of the games I've played, it's the least conducive to casual play where you still feel decent progression. I don't find it to be a quick-n-and-out option based on the 1 to 37 levels I've done in the game.

Where I think EQ2X has a chance to draw in people is the more mature player who wants a more comprehensive journey that they can take over a longer period of time. There will be a level of depth not easily attained in other games, if you have the time and patience to play that style MMO.

I find it similar to LOTRO in that way, the way that doesn't usually appeal to me - pace and grind. However, EQ2 absolutely soars in other aspects that I can now choose to participate in for free or at a reduced cost. Whereas LOTRO, there were way too many other things besides the questing I didn't like to really consider their F2P model as an option.

We Fly Spitfires

I thought all of the purchasable items on the station store were appeareance related only? I.e. there was no way of actually buying a proper weapon or armor? If that's the case then there's no option but to grind :(

Also I'd point out that on the Silver plan you're not going to be able to equip most of the dropped items in the game.

Alysianah aka Saylah

SC is full of appearance items AND real armor sets, weapons, crafting components, house items, plushies, etc. I was very surprised at the extent of items.

Not sure what you mean by "there's no options but to grind?" It's an Item shop more like W101 in the availability of gear and that game does fine allowing that a people still quest quite happily.

My only big surprise other than crafting mats were that the appearance items cost more than the gear?!?! I wanted to buy a cute robe or something. EQ2's gear models have never been to my liking and much like the complaints from AOC, I look the same from level one up. All that changes is the color or pattern on my robe and pants but the style and cut of the outfit is EXACTLY the same. How boring!!! But when I looked at the prices, I was like you've got to be kidding??? I'd be better off buying real armor and having someone craft a none state item to wear. Weird. So I did neither for now. I need to just find a high level crafter and get something pretty but useless made to wear.

We Fly Spitfires

I meant unless you could buy real armour from the station store, you'd still have to grind for gear. Of course, as you said, if you just buy your gear then that solves that issue :)

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