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June 07, 2010


Julie Whitefeather

I have a few "homes" that I have been spending a bit of time in lately. Eve Online being the first, but missioning gets a bit repetitive. The rest are STO, Lotro and WoW where I am at or near the level cap.

After our conversation civilization four complete came up on our in box for sale for $9.00. Since then it has been "one more turn." I haven't had a console in a long time. This is perhaps of the very large cost of getting involved again.

The odd thing about my playing so much Civ4 is I often feel "alone in the world" in single player games (which is why I haven't played guild wars or ddo).

I still play a bit on WoW but the alliance side guild I am in is not very active. I guess it is possible to get bored after you role horde after all.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Feeling alone in a world is why I've been playing MMOs almost exclusively since I tripped across my first one. Even though I often solo, I still interactive with people in the world around me. I just prefer to quest on my own. My love of MMOs ruined me for The Sims franchise despite the fact that we continue to buy each generation. I can only play it for a week or so before I'm pining to see other sentient beings roaming the landscape.

We'll see how long I last in the console space. I'm going to see what XBOX Live is about this time - for the first time. I know Halo will get played by someone even if I bail and the board game bundle I have on my Amazon Wish List will be a good value when I buy it.

I'm just tired of bumping from MMO to MMO - subscribing, unsubscribing and re-subscribing. It all feels so meh right now. The only MMO on my horizon is GW2 which I've already pre-ordered. Beyond that nada.


I have had a very similar experience. I started online gaming with xbox live however and had a blast playing tennis and football against live opponents. Then a buddy introduced to me to the world of mmo's (vanilla wow) and I was addicted.

What has followed is pretty sad. War, Aion, Allods, LoTro. At that point I said forget it and bought dragon age: origins followed by red dead.

Guild Wars 2 has been saying all the right things so far but I'm pretty jaded until I see it.

No interest in star wars? I like bioware but they don't seem to translate well to an mmo

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tox - Hello and thanks for dropping by. I don't recognize your name as a previous commenter. My daughter and I are actually having fun with Fable 2 and Red Dead. She's further along than I am since college is already out for the summer. When I do play, she's there watching and vise versa when I'm off so it hasn't felt alone yet and the games are fun. She liking the console so much that she's talking about Diablo III, which I don't even know how she's aware of the game.

Not very interested in KOTOR. Star Wars isn't an IP that I find appealing as a virtual world. I've seen all of the movies multiple times but playing in that environment doesn't spark any desire. If however, people are fawning all over it because it's really good, then I'd give it a try.


Might I recommend A Kingdom For Keflings and Band of Bugs? I worked on those ones, and it's good to see what people have to say about them... even if it's critical. ;)

I finally got a 360 last month, after working on 360 games for 4 years. It's interesting to play games I work on all day.

I'd also recommend Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey or even FFXIII for some "old school" RPG play. I've been digging into Blue Dragon lately, and it's a good solid game. None of those are MMOs or even MMO-tinged like FFXII, but still good gaming... and sub-free. I loooove that.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Hi Tesh. I'll give those a look. At the moment, we're all snorting Fable II and Red Dead Redemption, and cracking ourselves up.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tesh. We really liked A Kingdom for Keiflings and purchased a copy after just a couple of hours on the demo. The problem we're having now is too many games and people wanting time on the console. *Sigh*

I planned to restart my kingdom this evening now that I realize the importance of placing the workshops conveniently but as I write this two are doing Fable II with another queued wanting to play RDR next. grrrrrrrrrr.



I know the feeling. Now I start out with my workshops set up *just so* to keep the flow smooth. It took a few tries to get a handle on it. (Imagine what it was like while the tech tree was still being worked on... oi.) Glad you're liking it! Thanks!

Oh, and for what it's worth, I like the DLC maps quite a bit too. The "Relic Kingdom" has a nice exploratory feel to it, with some ruins in the corner. ;)


Oh, and we're working on a sequel to Keflings... this time with same-machine multiplayer. We're pretty happy about that. It might be good to cut down on the claims. :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

I went for the whole package when I bought it so we have the DLC maps already. My daughter attempted Relic but found it a bit too much for her first attempt. Thanks for the suggestions and good job!

Alysianah aka Saylah

Woot, that's one thing we wished we could do was co-op. We went into multi-player on XBox Live but didn't really "get it".

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