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June 16, 2010



Can Xbox re-invent itself as a casual gaming machine though? I am not sure that the market will allow them to sell one gaming machine to both casual and hardcore segments. The hardcore shooter fanatics won't be impressed when Microsoft starts advertising their console as a keep fit device while casual family friendly gamers will get worried when they hear that Grand Theft Auto 21 has boobies in it.

Television manages to offer light entertainment and harder core entertainment on one device but game consoles have not reached this level of generic acceptance yet. People still confuse the device with the content with the activity of gaming. Many people still think that "playing the Wii" means playing Wii fit for example.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Not sure why it matters. Hardcore gamers will only be looking for games that appeal to them and the same for casuals. The PC offers both on the same platform. PS3 has Blu-ray for media along side gaming. It's simply a device. People who want that type of gaming experience will get Kinect and others who don't won't.

They are going to go where the money and mass audience lies. Blizzard slowly changing WOW to more accurately reflect the largest percentage of it's audience should be lesson enough. Microsoft, game developers and publishers aren't going to turn a blind eye to the potential just to keep a hardcore audience happy. They will try to please both but are more likely to go with the numbers, if it were an either or decision which I don't believe that it is.

R.W. Harper

There's plenty of potential for the casual market for all of the platforms. It will be about a year before we will see if the development community can create enough games for the new Microsoft peripheral to keep it popular.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@R.W. I agree. Now that my daughters have done Fable 2 - one completed and the other close to it, they want more games. Interestingly enough, they still don't want MMOs. One just ordered FFXIII and the other is doing the Time Management games on Big Fish saying she wishes they had 360 versions. We're still excited about Kinect and waiting for some family games to release.

Halo Reach Weapons List

I was at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles last week and watched people controlling objects on a huge screen without a mouse. There was this camera aimed at one woman that captured her movements and by moving her hands in the air she could grab and move things around that was projected onto a big screen. It was a promotion for the new movie The Socerers Apprentice starring Nicolas Cage.

What I saw was the future of video games in the making but leaps and bounds beyond Wii. I think just around the corner is video games becoming completely controled by movements. That will be the new thing and controlers will be so 20th century. People will one day look upon them as we now do about the joystick.

Anyways, thanks for such a thought invoking post, I really enjoyed it.


@Halo - Thanks. We're still waiting for the games we're interested in trying out. I'm not sure anything will ever replace MMOs in my heart but I certainly have room for quality interactive gaming experiences too. :-)

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