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May 30, 2010



I generally enjoy classes/archetypes that have crowd control+debuff capabilities (magic or no magic though), precisely because they tend to require more situational awareness rather than just press a repeating pattern of keys.
Pets sometimes gets included into this.

Interesting ones here are for example the FFXI BeastMaster, which is a lot about controlling the situation using charmed mobs as pets and perhaps one of the few jobs that could solo through large parts of the game. In teams it was perhaps a bit more situational (except teams of BeastMasters), so had to be solo though for full potential use, all the time.

The CoV dominator is perhaps my favourite in that area. Excellent crowd control, quite weak in inherent defenses, nowadays decent damage output also.


After playing WoW and all the various MMOs, I miss Warhammer Online the most. Its a great shame it failed. Failed in terms of game design after after lvl 20 and lack of server population.

Many of the classes were so memorable (that I played): goblin shaman, human warrior priest, elf archer.

Although I never played a Bright Wizard, they had a fantastic feel purely based on their class design. It was easy to imagine there really was a secret wizard society of bright wizards.


@Ponder - I agree that WAR has some really fun classes to play. I liked the Shaman and Rune Priest too. If I'd stayed, I would have rolled them as atls.


I loved playing my Bright Wizard Binge Drinker in Warhammer Online. Burning your enemies to a crisp is very satisfying!

I would have to say my top class of all time would be my Smuggler Gutvik in old school Star Wars Galaxies! Taking people out with dirty gun fighting while getting people high on spice was lots of fun.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Arthur - SWG is one of the few MMOs I never tried. Not enjoying sci-fi as much as fantasy, all the controversy about the changes kept me from ever giving it a go.

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