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May 20, 2010



I just came back to EQ2 and thought I'd make a brand new start on AB... and I'm actually considering springing for Sparklekitty. I've got a mount from the Moonlight event, but a female Troll Necromancer on a unicorn just doesn't have the right feel, somehow. ;)

I suppose I could spend the $25 bucks to move one of my old characters from Lucan and twink her, but that kinda beats the whole purpose of starting on a new server.


Not hating on Sony. WOW showed that is the price people will pay. To me it's a bit costly for a mount that is only accessible to one character. However, if plat is as time consuming to accumulate as it was when I was playing EQ2, it might slide past the sanity test.

I have my char on AB too. I go back for the free offers here and there. EQ2 will always remain the game I wish I'd gone to after AC2. I wouldn't have become conditioned to the solo play to max level in WOW and would have been more tolerant of those restrictions in EQ2, if I'd gone there directly from AC2.

I keep reading they've changed much of that but the original zones are soooooooo dull to me with travel to the middle of nowhere to quest then WAY back to the cities for everything else. For me at least, that model makes questing feel very disconnected from everything else you do in game.

Still, I'm always tempted to re-sub for a month. Good luck!!


P.S. I would have been ALL OVER that recent offer if it hadn't been consecutive days. Give me a pay as I go, by hour or some block of hours and I'd stay sub'd to EQ2.

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