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March 03, 2010



Amen to all that you have said. I think we have almost progressed through several turgid years of people doing their best to beat Blizzard at their own game by creating sub-par copies of Warcraft.

Honestly, does it really take a marketing genius to realise that if you copy a game that is as good as it can get in its themepark style, do you really think you can make something similar but better? I mean....really?

It tells me that they realise they cant beat it but a lame copy of it will at least return a modest amount of cash via box sales and a few months of subscriptions. A risky but innovative venture on the other hand might not even make back their initial investment, or it might become the next big thing but its still a risk.

Not looking for innovation myself really. I just want fun, diverse classes to play, a real world to explore (not just a series of linked camps that I am hauled through one by one) and yes, please for the love of Gawd, no more freakin woodlands for me to commit mass animal genocide in!


So... you probably won't be interested in playing the new MMO I'm creating called Runes of Bearcraft, where ALL the monsters are mutated bears? Hee hee. Or maybe I need to switch things so you play a bear and the monsters are those animal killing humanoids.

Seriously though, I tried Allods for about 3 hours before I had more than enough. As far as new MMO games coming out, I think probably the only thing that sounds remotely interesting is the LEGO one, but I have a bad feeling it will be more of the same, but with a platform game thrown in. GW2 will be worth getting if NCSoft don't get too greedy by then and keep it as a buy once, play free game like GW.


@Yarr - Thanks but no thanks. It's Allods or back to The Sims for me. Wow, what a full circle.

Edit: I might peak my head in and out of ROM. It's unfortunate that changing your secondary class, which finally arrived as a feature, forces you to also re-level that side. Bleh. I did spend some money to replace some of the items in my house aka crafting workshop but I left upstairs empty. No point in spending that much until I see if I get 1/2 of myself back to level 36


My ROM characters are all on Osha or else I'd love to pop in and see your house Saylah. You are on Artemis, correct? :( I so hate separate servers and that is one thing I'd really like to see done away with in all MMO games. Or at least set things up like Free Realms where you can easily log onto any server you want, even jump to another one to be with friends.

Hm, maybe I did create a char on Artemis, probably a level 1 if I did? I'll have to check next time I play.


Yes, I'm on Artemis. You create on just to go see it. Others did back in the day. :-) W101 was the first MMO I played for any length of time where you could switch servers and it was great! It's just another one of those things that limit players, I'd have expected to have been "fixed" by now and supported as a standard feature.


Interesting that this one feature turned LOTRO into my most hated MMO of all time.

Uber bears everywhere. Sucked.

AoC at least had me fighting "Werewolves" or some such creatures...Tortage at least was 90% human mobs. Bears were minimal or non-existent. Crocodiles though...and Wolves...well...ARGH.

I think the next MMO that will change things is The Secret World. I mean, modern setting, real world rules, fantasy beasts..of course, rats may be a concern...or how about snakes? Well, I guess if they allow us up North in the US, then we may see bears in the woods...

For now I will play Guild Wars, where as long as you do not play the first chapter, there are NO BEARS (but lots of grotesquely sized insects and other weird creatures...oh and LOTS of human mobs)



With GW's Ursan Blessing skill, the bears get some revenge! :D


I disliked LOTRO for the same reason, along with the fetch-n-tell quests in the early zones.

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