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March 03, 2010



In all honesty I was ready to give this game a try. However I end up giving any MMO I play a considerable chunk of time. I think I lived in EQ1, Vanguard Beta, WoW and Cabal with many others getting slices of time.

However I can no longer see giving even moderate portions of my time to a game that seems to totally disregard it's player-base right from the onset. Now I don't want something like WoW that caters to every whine either but when the entire player-base all sees a huge issue, and the guys running it basically tell them to sod off.. that's a problem. A game killer.

It's ironic, people look around for "the next WoW killer" and never realize the key. It's the people running the game itself that kill it.

Once they fix the price issue at Allods I'll try it. But I'm not going to start up and get involved with this going on. Perhaps it'll help send the message, not just that they'll lose players, but new ones won't even bother signing up until they fix the issue.

If I have to choose between gas in my car and a bunch of icons that represent a bag.. no contest. And no money for them, not even in subscription based advertising revenues. Like you, I'm spoiled by the games I've played.


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I spend about 3 hours a day playing. As long as it does not interfere with the other parts of your live then it is fine.

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