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February 25, 2010



I hadn't heard of the Septimus Heap series. It looks cute, but maybe a bit too pre-teen for me. I'll check it out after I finish catching up with Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series.

The piece you linked to is well written and does a good job of making you feel the environment and emotion, but it seems a little too gritty and grim for my personal taste. Good luck with the alternative material you're working on.

As for finding a good MMO in 2010: Darkfall's $1 trial just launched if you want to play something new for a week. Have you thought about going back to Eve Online or trying out some of the indie, or smaller, or older games like Fallen Earth, Ultima Online or even Vanguard? I hear EQ2 is steadily improving too...


You could always come back to Wizard 101 for a while. ;)

On writing, I hear you. I love to read lighter stuff, but the world I've been crafting (steampunk/magepunk/Dinotopia) could easily topple into dystopic myopia. Thing is, the *setting* intrigues me, and the potential to say something important about history and sociology in a "what if" environment. It may well turn out more like the original Star Wars, where death is clean, the baddies are threatening but not oppressive and heroes come out on top in the end. (Unlike that *awful* New Jedi Order series of books...)

It's a relic of a simpler time (some call it "campy", like MacGyver, where Mac almost always wins), but y'know, I *like* that sense of optimism and light heartedness. Crapsack worlds don't really interest me. So, while my setting of choice could easily slide into depression, I'm taking care to maintain hope and optimism. Time will tell if I can make it work, but there definitely is the potential for the setting to run away from what I actually want.


I'm a fantasy whore. I go back and forth to EVE mostly when I'm in my darker moods. The environment fits me then as does the atmosphere. I'm sure I'll be back in EVE and when I do, I'm going to sign-up for the PVP crash course the Van Hemlock podcasted about recently. The problem I see now is that STO's ship combat is more readily available and more exciting but the rest of the game wasn't up to snuff. Darkfall isn't for me and older games have older graphics. Yes, I'm a graphics snob.

Thanks, yes it was nicely written and too gritty for me too, which has been my dilemma. :-)


I have considered W101 but the zone I'd be moving to is the one players have complained about the most, Dragonspypre. Not sure what happened with the design of that zone but many are very unhappy about it which doesn't actually make me enthusiastic to come back and head there.

When it comes to the reading, I there with ya. I like the happy-gushy, good prevails over evil but my protagonists almost always end up face down in the dirt before its over. LOL I've learned there's a huge distinction between what I like and where my own mindset actually resides. I'm not fond of dystopian settings but I'll be damned if that's not what comes out.

What I really want to do is bring epic high fantasy out of the middle ages frame work. HP was successful in doing that to a degree. However, most of the magic of that world takes place in the non-muggle environment which is the middle ages genre with castles, lords and ladies. I want high fantasy but in some other setting.

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