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February 09, 2010


Winged Nazgul

Looks like Open Beta for Allods starts Feb. 16th and mo deletion of OB characters.



Thanks for the information! Last I heard CB 4 was extended and I was sadden by that since I'm SO anxious to start playing for real.


"Oh I know all the content needs to be tested but that could be facilitated by providing characters at the appropriate levels as they introduce each tier to be tested."

I've argued this more than once. As a guy who works in the industry, being able to cheat ahead to spots in a game that need testing is crucial to getting it tested in a timely fashion. Since all the characters are going to be wiped, go ahead and let us start at different levels in an MMO beta already!

I'm looking forward to the 16th. I'm hoping to get my character names pinned down. ;)

I'm also going to tinker with Myst Online. I loved the original games, and I've wanted to see what they do to the IP to make it an MMO. I fear... but I'm curious. The novels were great, too.

Alysianah aka Saylah

*Waves at Tesh!" We are in total agreement for BETA testing. I'm not going to ruin my live gaming experience by plowing through all the content on a junk character.

I'm more happy for the Myst fans. I know how excited I'd be if The Sims Online or Asheron's Call 2 were released as open source. ZOMG what the TSO community modders and content developers could have done.

I'm totally going to try to lock in my signature names on the 16th. Hope to see you there.


I really want to see the Siveria area League-side. I could have gone there with my Gibberlings, following a quest chain, but I specifically refrained because I want to see it "live". There's something to be said for something being fun more than once (as in, if it's not, it's not as good as it should be), but even AO, as good as it is, isn't immune to grinding, and I just don't want to do that again and again. (Must be why I want to be able to change classes...)

So yeah, I'm thinking League, but all the best names I can come up with (and steampunk goodness) are Empire side. Looks like I'll be playing both. ;) See you!

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