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January 19, 2010


Julie Whitefeather

Does randomly generated content get stale? When it is coupled with missions that are a challenge as these always are, I don't think that they will get stale at all. However, keep in mind that no one has played the game beyond 16 levels on either side yet - the game may change entirely after level 16...or 20.

Julie Whitefeather

Alysianah aka Saylah

I've read that at level 10 (or 11, can't remember) it gets much better. Your options at the level broaden which makes the combat even more interactive.


When you get a new ship at level 11 is when you can diversify a little bit more depending on what ship you pick up, since you have 3 different options.

And of course it opens up a bit more skill options to advance in.

As for getting together I think that will work out just fine. In Champions our SuperGroup consists of players from all sorts of timezones.

If I log in during a weekend morning I will find US people playing in their late evening and Australians jumping in for their afternoon play, for example. (And I am in Europe)

As long as you have th global ID of someone you can get them in your friends list, chat with them and/or email them - which character they play does not matter. Switching instances is easy and straightforward and the system typically gives preference in choice of instances to those that your team embers or /supergroup/fleet members are in - if you do not pick them yourselves actively.

And friends list/chat/email also works between STO and CO - it is the same system for both.


I'm want to try Science role but don't want to start over now that I'm so close to hitting the range where I'll see more options for combat.

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