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January 17, 2010



For better or for worse, the WoW LFG tool has changed the face of MMOs. I can't think of an MMO that wouldn't benefit from it. Vanguards beautiful world is mostly wasted space as the action is mostly near the few active dungeons. Add in an Insta-port LFG tool and it makes exploration that much more attractive, because like you said, you can do your fun solo stuff while not taking away from the ability to pillage a dungeon at whim. If STO can flesh out the playable universe to satisfy the explored itch, it will be huge.

Jeremy S.

Isn't Vanguard a huge seamless persistent world? I played the demo, talked with an addict-friend, and got the impression that is was incredibly massive in scale, had beautiful graphics(and I've seen them, I think it does), and is all seamless(no instancing).

The demo made me really feel I was in a gorgeous, giant, real world with a lot of fun things to do.


Yes, VG was completely seamless but the game itself was so bad in open BETA that I didn't bother to open my pre-order copy.


I like your uniforms!


LOL - Why thank you!

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