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January 28, 2010



Its /e captainsit. One of the funniest blog posts of the year (all 28 days) was on this STO conundrum, but cant remember which Virginworlds blogger did it : /

Steve K

If I remember correctly, in an earlier blog post, you were looking for a game that was less "instanced", no?

I've been hopping around the MMO trial scene for a few months now, trying to find my new "hobby" when I stumbled...wholly unexpectantly, into Vanguard.

I can't believe I'm saying this...but I think V:SoH is the most underappreciated MMO on the market right now. Look, I know what crap it was at release...I'm a CE owner...and quit after the first month. It's far from perfect graphically, IMHO, but the mechanics of the game are actually FUN!

R.W. Harper

I agree, Allods Online is a keeper! I will be there with you at launch. For now, I am hanging back on Beta waiting for the real release.


Tnx for letting me know. I asked repeatedly in chat. Still you'd think something as fundamental to what Kirkland did while on the bridge would be an obvious interaction. Like what else is there to do there. I wish you could remember the blogger : -(


Yikes, Vanguard. I own a copy already. I'm sure SOE had done work to stabilize and improve the game. But like STO there are other games that are more compelling and have larger gamer communities. If I had the time for the grind, I'd just go back to Aion. Thanks for the suggestion.


Ditto. When I switched back to the NA BETA, I created a League character to avoid seeing anymore of the Empire side. I only did that one for a few days so I was in T1 when I decided that I was in love with Allods and didn't want to spoil seeing anymore before Live. I can not wait!


I also pre-ordered STO, though I hadn't decided to play it, let along pre-order until the final week of the beta. Frankly I wasn't all that encouraged by the reports I had been reading, but finally decided to give it a first-hand try. I like the ship combat, as simplistic as it is, but feel a little disappointed in how little it feels like a MMORPG, and how much it feels like a single person RPG. Still, Ill play it for a while and hope that the PVP aspects interest me.


Excellent point. It doesn't feel very much like MMORPG but also lacks the immersion of a single player game. It really reminds me of coop-mode on the XBox. Which is fine for what it is and there's enough fun to be had if you're not playing something more compelling. I will definitely give STO a try before a return to EVE. No slight to EVE but I mostly did PVE and that's more fun in STO than EVE, as is to be expected.


Saylah - found that hilarious post on trying to sit in the captains chair on the bridge. It's at potshot.wordpress.com/2010/01/23/the-bridge-the-final-frontier


Sweet! Thanks so much.

jeremy davidson

I am looking forward to checking out Allods online but I have a couple of questions. Is it easy to get a beta code? Is there a secondary class like GW of ROM? How many people can fight in a group at once in pve? Is it possible to beat the game without spending a lot of cash?

Kane Hart

I played ROM a bit but never had much time to really get into it and was worried what the item mall would do to it since I'm not a big mall user more a sub guy.

STO though... Yeah I don't want to comment and also canceled my pre order after beta.

Looking forward to Allods though :)

Jeremy S.

I love reading when people discover Vanguard. I too agree, it might be the most under appreciated MMORPG out there. It might just be my future "home".

I still have not seen anything about doing anything in Allods besides level and PvP. That's not a bash, yes, it is a complaint. I love crafting doggonit, and I am very curious as to how Allods works/will work.

Oh, after a year of playing RoM, I finally started buying some diamonds. Intitially to level and explore the many in-game and pyschological facets paying would have. In the end, I'm too much of a casual player I think. I spend most of my diamonds on different mounts, coloring those mounts, decorating, planting, and opening up bag space so I can horde stuff. I finally made a little video of my 2-story Elegant House, for your viewing enjoyment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCQmWlkxHUU

Alysianah aka Saylah

@ Jeremy - Wow, it's been a year! Your house looks great. I still think most games under estimate the value and stickiness of having player housing in a game. It dovetails so nicely with crafting and gives people something to do other than advance in levels, faction, yada.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Crafting in Allods - I never got it to work. I couldn't even harvest in CB2 so I gave up. I've found that many games release with borked crafting but it gets addressed within a couple of months after go-live. I'm not sure about the value crafted items will have beyond consumables in Allods. It didn't seem as deep as ROM or Aion. Consumables are always useful and in demand, so there's a safety-net in that aspect at least.

I'm also skeptical about the long haul in Allods. What you do after you level? I'm predicting that large group only astral mechanic is going to prove troublesome. You have to have something highly accessible at the end game or players won't stay. If they don't stay, you lose opportunities for micro-transactions revenue. For me, I'm going in with the thought that I will have fun leveling but there might not be anything at the end to hold me. But since it's a "free ride" - money spent at my discretion, I'm okay with that fact.

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