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January 04, 2010



Aye, I fear that the Astral ship limitations are going to more or less kill the game for me. Sure, it's good, solid MMO fun, but I'm long past wanting to grind out levels. I'll explore the world and experiment a bit, but without an early soloable ship, Allods won't be a place I can settle into. I can still recommend it to fans of the genre, it's just not quite what i'm looking for.


I have to disagree with your comment about a lack of instanced content. There are more instances in Allods than there are in Aion. There are more instances in Allods than even WoW has for leveling up.

Oreshek, Castle Blight, Citadel, and Tensess temple are all instances that you do before level 30. (There are counterparts for 3 of those for the Empire and Tensess becomes one for both).

I also have to disagree with #7. It's very dependent on which class you play. For the Warden, the "gear kits" are crap. They mass your intel and neglect every other stat. Buy them and expect fights to take you 5x as long as they would had you kept gear with a variety of stats. Some classes the gear is alright, but I highly recommend you do not simply trust the gear kits. Questing and especially rep will give you much better rewards.

Other than that, I agree. :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Keen - You only named 4 instances for 30 levels. By the time you hit 30 in WOW, you could have done 9 to 10 instances. For Aion, I also considered the outdoor zones with elites but that can be quibbled. For me at least, I would have liked more. One of the reasons I would have liked more is that the hybrids are an interesting twist which are more fun to play in groups. Unfortunately, the heavy "collection quests" kills staying in a group to quests. It's less efficient to do so when everyone has to collect the same items it takes too long.

For the gear kits, I didn't say only wear what they had in them regardless of the stats. :-) Just that they are worth the look. I got 3 missing pieces the 2nd time and upgrade at least 1 item all the other times. But I do play casters.

@Tesh - I'm concerned about the Astral combat as that was the really unique thing in my book. I also agree that there should have been solo ships for exploration and travel. I could even abide limitations on what you could carry back on them to keep the whole air combat and pirating opportunities intact. Not ever being able to fly my own ship or two-man one for some adventuring is disheartening.


Astral Ships are mainly guild things. If you have 10 members throw in 150g each, it really isn't all that bad(by level 35, 150g will probably easy to come buy... at level 9, I made more than 2g in a single level). I actually like the idea of forced multi-player control of the ships.

If you are skeptical, look up Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Yes, it is based on the Disney movies, and yes, it is full of odd family friendly rules(can't use a pistol on humans, but the navy doesn't seem so savvy on that), but the ship battle is what I am getting at. I imagine something similar, but with greater depth in Allods. I would be in love if it is. I personally despise grinding, instances, and various other parts of MMORPGs as most exist today, but if they have that, I am in for at least long enough to test it out.


Allow me to correct my self a bit. 150g will probably be easy *enough* to come by. I doubt it will elver be like pennies to a pauper, but with no more than a week or so focused collection, it should be fairly simple to amass.


And there it is again, the WoW comparisons ;-)
But before comparing WoW and Allods, think of WoW as it was released, and Allods now (still in Beta): How many working and bugfree instances WoW had in the beginning...

Also i wonder how you met lv 35 player chars, or i misunderstood something and you meant NPCs: US Beta has lv 30 limit now, and EU Beta will have lv 34 limit from next week on. So how could a player reach lv 35 :-) Only be possible in RU OB...


@Cat - I didn't only compare it to WOW, I reference comparisons to other games as well. We all compare new experiences to previous ones when explaining a position of like dislike or to help someone who hasn't experienced something understand where you're coming from. And I'm playing the EU BETA where yes, the players I ran across were level 35 according to what their portraits said. So that's all i know. :-)

@Kaoy - Needing only 6 people - that's what I recall as a minimum, doesn't seem like it will be guild only. If it is guild only, that's for very small guilds or guild will need to build a fleet. The size seems to be designed around the party size so you can go off and do the PVE content in the Astral.

I'm fine with not being able to go do the astral PVE solo or bring back loot. However, it would be nice to at least fly around and explore solo or as a duo navigating a ship.


I've posted my own ruminations on the ships, comparing it to the excellent ship game design in Puzzle Pirates. Yes, the puzzle-based play isn't for everyone, but the way they handle ship sizes, soloability, grouping, piratical PvP and dynamic baddie spawning (as well as high risk, high reward PvE) really is a good model for anyone interested in using ships as a game mechanic.

Bottom line, if you're going to provide a beautiful, imaginative world that Explorers want to chew on for a while, you can't use forced grouping. Certain PvE or even PvP activities may well function best with a group, but if you want players in your world, you have to let them roam about without needing shepherds or hipmates. Or shipmates.


Nollind Whachell

1) Try to ensure that you are the same level as the mobs your fighting or preferably even one level above them, since one level can makes a huge difference.

2) If it's available for your level, try to get Respected faction gear as soon as possible by grinding rep after your daily fatigue caps (and no it doesn't take as long as you think).

3) If the gear rewards from quests you do can't be used, forget choosing the optional potion and select the most expensive gear item to sell, so as to quickly increase your funds.

Using the above you can get to 20th level in a week by playing about four hours a night. Basically three hours questing and an extra hour for grinding rep to ensure you have always have the best gear for your level.

PS. Take note that when the game launches, there will be many more players and thus much more gear items available to purchase on the auction house. Similar to Keen, I found the gear kits useless or if I did find something to use in them, it was replaced the same day, usually within an hour.

Steve K.

You know what's frustrating? I'm always a year or more behind the fun in MMOs. In this crazy, attention deficit, "ooooh shiney!" genre in which we play, a year is nearly a lifetime. Why is this a problem? Lend me your ear and be happy to explain.

At the pace and style I play and follow MMO's, I won't arrive in the world of Allods until sometime in 2011. Like all but a few games, this will put me square into the "where the hell is everyone" void that is the starter zones. How do I know this? Let me list out my last four years of gaming.

2006 - WoW..as in Wow, I thought this game had millions of players? Why am I running around trying to invite Murlocks to be my friend?

2007 - Hey, this Dark Age of Camelot is really cool...I get to actually experience some of my ancestral heritage in Midgard. I know that Norway was sparsely populated during King Arthur's time period, but I was hoping the old saying "where men are men and sheep are scared" wouldn't apply to my latest MMO. It did.

2008 - EQ2. What a great game! Forget what nearly everyone else says about SOE, this game has it all...probably the best single-player MMO on the market (with the exception of the AB server, which I tried for an hour, and my wife had to spend the next week trying in vain to raise my IQ over 100 again).

2009 - LotRO. Tolkein's world. Elves. Dwarves. Halflings. Pipes. MIDI music like my Amiga played in the late 80's. I bet it was fun when there were players around to COMPLETE the Epic quests with.

Today - RoM. Tomorrow - Allods...am I doomed to repeat this lonely gaming life?

Still, don't cry for me Argentina, in some ways I'm the lucky one. I get the benefit of exploring these games on the heels of all the excellent work (like this blog for instance) available on the Interwebs. I get all of the detailed maps, the nerfed classes to avoid, and the perfect templates to us for whatever class I do chose.

Still, I can't help but wish I could've leveled up with some of the web personalties that I've enjoyed reading and listening to. To lift a mug and douse a wanton wench with the gang at EQ-Daily, or to complete a collection quest with Dellmon. To run through the Shire doing mail deliveries with Schuster, or to finish off the Blackwold bandits with Van Hemlock. To watch Mr. Bubble complete his flourishes in Mos Eisley. Or, to complete a single quest in any of these games with the famous Nuns with rulers.

And last, but certainly not least, to have crafted in the halls of RoM with Saylah.

Still, it's good to have you back Mystic Worlds...I hope and pray your health has improved. I very much look forward to using your helfpul tips and advice for Allods online in 2011!

Parry Pardun

I have a question - I currently play Aion and I love (<3!!!!) the chanter archetype - but I am starting to really hate aion (lack of westernization of itemization classifications, drop rates, non-consensual pvp.. to name a few). I have a level 40 and a level 45, so it's not from a lack of trying.

Does Allods have a staff/melee hybrid equivalent? I can't really tell but I would love it if there was.


@All - sorry for delayed response. I'm back to the post holiday's grind at work.

@Parry - Yes - Druid and Paladin, especially Druid people or spec'g them melee or magic (caster). I've stopped playing the Allods BETA because I know I want to play it live. I don't like experiencing a lot of the content before hand. I like a game release to feel like Christmas, something fun to anticipate and enjoy for the first time with the masses. I've also done 1 to 15 on the League side and decided that the quests are much less inspired. I'll forgo the beauty of the zone theme, a theme I love for the steampunk which was fun and had more diverse quests in my opinion.

@Steve - There is something to be said for playing with the masses. Even though I solo quest, it's still very invigorating, fun and exciting to be running around highly populated zones. Sure there's contention for mobs and resources but groups come fast and help is readily at hand. I LOVE that time period where as someone like Van Hemlock, prefers to miss all that and wait for stability.

You can't fling money and time at every game. I've spent dollars on games I shouldn't have BUT even the I left dissatisfied overall were fun during the early days of shiny apple and mass bodies in the game. Consider watching for the new games and seeing what people intend to buy and give it a go if you can. You don't have to have completed your previous MMO to try a new one. You can try the others on the side and put less time into your "main squeeze" :-). You'll be there for the early mayhem - good and bad, with your own stories to tell about the journey.

@Nollind - Thanks for the tips. I rarely attempt to kill anything more the +1 my level. It's much too risky with the possible critical hits. Yes, gear is important to level effeciently like most games but the Talent spec and attributes more so than other games I've played. Good thing is that it's free to play so you can try out different characters, sides and see how it goes. Nothing lost if you don't like it long term.


@Saylah - I am a bit late to the discussion. Yes, there are more instances in WoW pre-30 than there are in Allods. Leaving out Gnomeregan (which really needs characters higher than 30 to complete), there are 7 instances in WoW pre-level 30.

But, is that really a good thing? Let's face it, no one ever really did Shadowfang and Blackfathom. In all my time in WoW, from beta to almost a year ago, I can think of doing either one of these maybe 2 times and both were to twink an alt. Razorfen Kraul is also not a popular instance, except for twinking.


I guess it's preference and class. I did them all on all alts exception Gnomer because I hated that place. Casters especially do Shadowfang keep for the great cloth drops. Yes, I think it's a good thing because it's an option. I prefer MMOs to have more options not less. Sometimes you want to instance, other times grind and some days only quest.

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