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December 14, 2009


Julie Whitefeather

Could it be? Mystic worlds back up again? Welcome back! As for me I finally tired of Aion Online and unsubbed. I was having a good time in EQ2 until all those people I saw regularly left and I was alone most of the time. Ah the glory days of Warhammer Tier 1...I wish Tier 4 were more like Tier 1 - after the going through the 4th guild I said enough is enough. Fallen Earth still has my interests firmly in place, especially with all the new social updates.

So, how about being on the show again some time?

Julie Whitefeather


Hi, Saylah :)


*waves* Hi there! Your EVE blog posts make me so jealous Tipa. I thought about going back to W101 and move beyond Mooshu which really took the wind out of my sails. I found that zone uninspired for all the prettiness.

Sister Julie, I'd be honored. If we can do something while I'm on vacation, I'd be at your disposal except 12/28 to 12/31 when I have guests. But I'm off from this Friday until the New Year


I am happy to see the return of this blog! A nice surprise.


Ah, good to *see* you again, Saylah! Here's hoping you can find something fun in this train wreck of a genre again. ;)

I've been mucking around in the Allods Online closed betas, and I'm impressed. They might get money from me when they go live, and that's something most MMOs can't boast of. (Well, assuming they care to boast about what money I give them...)

I have the writing bug, too, after reading a few other folks promoting the NaNoWhatever. Making time is hard, though.

Joshua Kriegshauser

Thanks for the kind words about EQII's new streaming client. We did it for players like you. Welcome back! :)


@Joshua - I wish it would become the standard. If EQ2 can be retrofitted to do a streaming download other games shouldn't have any excuse to work on it. The only thing faster to download is EVE Online. :-)


Welcome back! I had just finally removed your blog from my list at the beginning of December and just now found out you had returned, so have now added it back. Yay!



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