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December 23, 2009



One addition: From what I've gathered, the Warrior is the multimob tank, and the Paladin is the single target tank. That's switched from WoW standards, if I understand properly.


@Tesh - That's good to know. I was wondering if their ability to tank differed in some way. As per usual, when it comes time to down elites we have to wait a while to get a tank.


It's telling that I'm considering playing a Paladin, just so I can get through stuff when a tank is needed. Even though I don't like the slower tanking playstyle when I'm soloing (most of the time). To me, that's a dichotomy that I find... unpleasant. (And why I don't like the holy trinity combat design; I can't switch at the drop of a hat if I feel like it, I'm stuck in a role, whether or not it's optimal for the situation.)


@Tesh - I understand. I tried the Healer. I was thinking that if I was going to end up healing as a Summoner, why not be healing in plate come PVP and end-game. However, the leveling was bruuuuuuuuutal slow. I hear it gets better but I don't like "pushing through" was is supposed to be entertainment so I gave up on that class.

I don't mind healing groups but the disadvantage of being slower at all the quests which will primarily be done solo, is too high a price to pay. Maybe once I've seen it all I'd do it like I eventually got around to leveling a priest and pally in WOW.


i remember seeing in the Allods forum stating that Paladin can also be a dps.. not necessary be a healer/tanker.


I wouldn't say the Empire is "evil" because they're just fighting for a place in the world and the League won't accept them for no good reason, that kinda makes the League seem more "evil".


Nahh that's totally not true, all tanks can be good at keeping threat on 1 mob ( a boss). and a warrior has good AoE tanking skills too, and damage reducing effects for everyone around him.

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