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August 05, 2009



You can by shares in (and eventually buy outright) the businesses in town until you effectively run the entire town and make quite a lot per week. Once you're making tens of thousands of simoleans per week, you can pretty much do what you like in the world.

I play in an odd way. I have the sim representing me, and when that sim dies, I let the family move on awhile, get the next generation going, then reinsert myself into the world.

I can go visit the graves of my earlier selves in the cemetary.

I often wonder how the sim families react to the presence of this reincarnating time traveler.

Weird thing is, I've never had my Sim get pregnant, so none of the people in the Sim family are related to my character. I think if it ever did happen, it would be wrong to reincarnate later on.


[quote]If you’re trying to match colors across objects, you can switch to the Color Numbers tab, and copy the hex code for the color and paste it on to other objects.[/quote]*

There is an even simpler way of coordinating colors-drag and drop is very pervasive in the restyle tool. Just select the source object, then click and drag the color swatch to the object receiving the color. The restyle tool will slide out of the way and present a window allowing you to choose which one of as many as four materials to colorize.

The drag-and-drop trick also works with material swatches and even complete themes if you grab the group tab to drop to a new object.

The results are most predictable when the material receiving the color is a one-color texture; multicolored patterns behave differently and can produce interesting results.

PS You can even change the order of or duplicate colors of selected multi-color materials. Say if you have a tri-color pattern with peach background, brown shapes, and coral accents you can easily shuffle the scheme to brown background, peach accents and coral shapes.

*sometimes copy-and-pasting the codes are the only way to get the effect you want-for instance, dragging-and-dropping red onto a black and white pattern might result in a pink and red theme, when what you intended was replacing black with red.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@lloyd - ah, good tip thanks. I got used to the hex method when I figured out why Living Sims was plastering the numbers in their magazine. :-)

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tipa - You can buy shares??? Wow, that's unusual and interesting. I had no idea. My friends and I have been discussing what we think the new xpacs will be. I said I didn't think Open for Business would be back given the changes to community property. I think this piece of information seals the deal and confirms my theory - no OFB in TS3.

When you say reinsert, do you mean you remake the same person - in appearance and name? That is definitely unusual. Speaking of time travelers, I LOVED the book, The Time Traveler's Wife. Not too excited about the movie though. I'm not a fan of the main actors so I'll wait for the DVD.

aion kina

Interesting. I have plans in purchasing Sims 3 since I have always been a Sims fanatic. Well, I guess since I have read tons of review about Sims, I can purchase my own copy while waiting for Aion Online to launch. I heard that it's a good online game too.

David Yates

This is good and that you can be free and continue your OWN LIFE and you can also hangout with your friends whether it is LAN/Online (IF available).. That could be fine and cool..


I didn't read all of this because I can't find my glasses and it was making me go cross-eyed, but I was wondering if you could tell me how to make two of the sims that you are playing meet in the sims 3. I made a male and female sim and made them live right next door to each other, but then when I play one of the games it says that the house that I put the male sim in is totally empty and vice versa, I had planned on having these two get together, what can I do? It doesn't seem possible for them to meet!

Alysianah aka Saylah

Zoom out on your neighborhood and you'll notice bubbles above each house. When a Sim his home I think the bubble is green. If they have a job they'll be gone for long stretches of time plus they leave on their own to do things. You can only go visit them when they are actually at home. unlike the other Sim games these Sims don't sit around waiting for you to play with them. In fact, my guy had already gone off and gotten himself a girlfriend by the time I went to visit. :-(

Sorry for the white on black. it's to show the site is no longer active.


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