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July 24, 2009



Are you leaning more towards "I don't have time to waste on looking for fun.." or "I just don't have time..."

I understand what you mean about looking for fun, searching out the hot-spots and all that.

But, if you mean that you simply don't have time, I would just suggest slowing down. Take the time. Heck, I spend my time spread among 5 billion games, so I found ways to spend the time in small chunks. It takes longer, but I'm only 35, this stuff ain't going nowhere for a while and neither am I (knock on wood) !

Again, maybe that's why F2P's make sense being that there are no subs slowing running down time, no deadlines?

Oh, by the way, no family planning at the Turkey household...EVER! (Thank da lord.)


Alysianah aka Saylah

@Beau - I mean, I don't have time to waste trying to find the fun. I would never have expected to say this but I wish for more F2P or Freemium models. Wizard101 and Runes of Magic have shown me the light. There are games I'd play more often, here and there, if I didn't have to a languishing subscription for months on end when I wasn't playing. EQ2 and EVE come to mind, especially EQ2. I'm not going to resub to play a day or two out of the month. But I'd certainly send dollars their way when I was playing like I did in Runes of Magic. But I get that the subs is the prevailing model in NA AAA titles. Oh well.

We Fly Spitfires

For me, social media like Twitter and Facebook are great for passing idle moments but I'm not sure I'd want to spend hours at a time on them.

As for social games, yeah, I'm with you. Nice idea but you really need goals and objectives in games to make you want to play them.


Well, not everyone needs goals and objectives in order to want to play.

In fact, games like Second Life and other social games have shown that plenty of players enjoy non-goal oriented gaming. Even games that have many goal-oriented players are frequented by non-goal oriented players. Games like WoW, EVE and Vanguard have a large population of players that are just having some fun.



Nice summation of the middle-aged state of mind. I also have a lot less interest in doing stuff for the sakeof doing it than I did when I was 25, or even 35. I do like to have some purpose in mind that I have thought out in advance, even though on an objective scale that purpose may be trivial.

Which isn't to disagree with Beau that there's plenty of fun to be had just roaming around, but there's a HUGE difference between unstructured pottering in Vanguard or WoW, where there is pre-made, accessible content just piled up waiting for you to fall over it and having to build your fun from the ground up in a social environment like SL or Wurm Online.

I like to have unfettered, unstructured serendipitous fun in my MMOs, but I want it to come from me stumbling over interesting stuff that other people have lovingly crafted and put there for me to find.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Not finding online gaming when I was a teenager, would have been MUD back then, is blessing and a curse. A blessing because I might have spent too much time in them to have some like-minded people to chat and play with. I was the geek of the geeks, in our household and friends, who didn't get the whole fantasy, RP and wanting to adventure thing. Oh the crazy things I did get my friends to do though. This Little Rascals in the suburbs of NYC. That desire mostly manifested itself in writing since there wasn't anyone to introduce me to gaming.

Curse is that I could have been enjoying gaming much sooner and probably would have fashioned a career in that industry versus selling my soul to Corporate America.

I'm with Bhag - I love structured games that also have opportunities for putter around too. Self-made adventuring and exploration. Self-defined challenges like attempting soloing the unsoloable. Getting a view from places you shouldn't be able to reach and stuff like that. But pure social games hold no allure for me.

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