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July 08, 2009



There aren't a lot of RoM blogs out there, and you are near the top of a google search for that term. I like reading your RoM posts, keep them up, even if you're not playing :) Thanks for writing!

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Sack - thanks and you're welcome. I will definitely be back to ROM. I guess if it takes a F2P game to give me farming of a sorts, raising pets, housing and all the other more standard things I enjoy in MMORPGs in one game, so be it. :-)

Green Armadillo

I came here specifically after seeing the Warden and Druid announcement on Massively - like Sack says, yours was the first ROM blog that came to mind. :)

I'll be interested to see how the new additions will fit in with the dual class system. Will players be able to pick up the new jobs on existing characters? If not, can you transfer item shop purchases (excluding consumables you've already used, obviously) to a new character? It just seems like you'd have a bit of a dis-incentive to purchase stuff if it's all going to be permanently stuck on a character that may be obsoleted by the new FOTM classes.


A number of those hits were from me, and I'm guessing others like me, searching for a voice in the wilderness to learn about the game, classes, etc... There is just not a lot of reliable information floating around.

Jeremy S.

Hey I'm a RoM blog too :*(

Anyway: There are going to be class combo restrictions: most like Druid/Priest and Warden/Mage(both of which u said you'd like to roll) will be no-no's.

As Warden is a mage class and Druid is a priest class respectably.

It will be interesting to see how druid compares/competes with priest, and likewise how warden compares/competes with mage.

People on the forum are saying they won't reroll as they are already m/p but I'm sure the new classes will have interesting skills and elite skills.

They already hinted to the Druid being able to be built as a Battlemaiden(my term) where you can build as offensive or defensive. You could do this anyways, but as they hinted to it, it sounds like this was a developer consideration so maybe a Druid(priest) built with mainly or all offensive skills being raised will be more powerful(?)

Alysianah aka Saylah

@All - ROM dominating page views on Mystic Worlds isn't recent. it's going back as far as when I first started writing about it. I don't look at the stats very often so I hadn't noticed. The biggest contributor was being linked from Massively a few times. The number of daily views doubled overall and have remained about that high even though I'm on a blogging break.

@JS - Hi there. Been a while. That's interesting news about them restricting certain combos, that's a change for ROM. If Druid is a healing class then I'll be Druid something for sure. I'd consider Mage, Warden or Knight depending on the roles and elite skills.

@Sleepy - yes, it would be nice if by some means everyone had a 1x secondary class reset. Level 35 would be a nice time for them to slip one in your bag and there after, it's an astronomical cost in diamonds to reset your secondary. And of course, you'd have to level it back up from level 1.

I want to drop the Warrior part since Battle Monk is DOA and understandably so if they are bringing in a Druid. But it's their fault for designing and implementing that combo, including putting in a defining elite skill, Battle Monk Stance and then bailing on people. That alone warranted allowing a free secondary class respec.

Hopefully, they will understand that players don't want to completely trash any monetary investment already made in a character. That or the Item Shop object that was on sale a couple of days and then vanished should be brought back.

I didn't get one but it allowed you to unbind any object. So you could for a cost, unbind the high cost items you invested in and give them to an alt or sell them to someone else when you're done. Mounts come to mind. I have two on one character. A normal one and then a floating one that I couldn't resist having.

The cost of that object translated to about $3. I personally would invest another $3 in order to give my mount or expensive furnishings to another one of my chars.

I'm going to miss my house if things remain as they are. My first choice would be for them to honor the setup they originally described on the website and in videos, where your house and its contents belonged to the account and were shared across all characters on that account.

But I'd settle for dropping my secondary back to level 1 on my current char, so I can keep all my items and just re-roll once side and move forward again.


I'm waiting for the Druid class as well. I finally started up a Scout to see what all the fuss over ROM was about, and I like the game well enough, but I don't want to spend a lot of time with it right now if I'd rather start a new Druid. So I wait.

I'm also waiting for them to get rid of the house maid. Skanky characters are too much already, why do I have to have the maid? Bleh.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tesh - The maid is one of the first things I complained about. It's very stupid like in that one room shack, you'd actually have a maid. Why not a bulletin board like in EQ2 or a bookcase, or different books on a bookcase or table. So many RP ways to have done the same thing without that stupid maid.

I agree with waiting on the class you want. The game is good - not great, but it's still worth the journey at least once, which is why I'm waiting.

AND I've wanted a game that lets you raise pets like Lineage without the Lineage part. LOL


I haven't played ROM in a long, long time. I believe it was when I logged in after a patch and my UI was all f'ed up. I just didn't feel like messing with it and haven't logged in since. I have, however, considered it from time to time. I may yet...

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