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July 23, 2009



Alas, Azeroth Advisor supports US servers only.

> "now they want Achievements too."

Sometimes it's even worse, people will ask for a heroic Naxx achivement when asking people for a normal Naxx run. If I have the heroic achievement why would I even want to PuG normal Naxx??

But I disagree - it's not a reason to go solo, it's a reason to find a nice guild, IMHO :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Solid - Oh didn't know that restriction.

Guild drama aside, being in a good guild does help but it doesn't insulate you from the crazy player-base at large. When games have been out as long as WOW and EQ2, there's a huge spread of character levels in a guild.

My trio is in a nice guild - nice enough from what I've seen. New players with lowbie characters are constantly asking to be powered through the low level instances. Why? They either can't field enough players the appropriate level to go or they're having PUG drama trying to complete the content.

I've taken a groups through SM and Ulda, not using my trio, because they needed someone to tank them through it. I draw the line at Gadget - gawd how I hate that instance. *Smile* But no sooner than you take one group thru something, someone else needs/wants to go thru something else. I volunteer here and there but older players with high level toons don't want to spend their game time running lowbie content. So while being in a good guild is a plus, it doesn't protect you from some of the insane behavior that takes place trying to PUG in WOW.

I stopped PUG'g WOW on my Priest which was my 2nd max level character which was LONG before the existence of Armory and Achievements. My rage at dealing with PUGs hit an all time high and spawned one of my favorite rants on the subject: http://notadiary.typepad.com/mysticworlds/2006/07/top_10_lies_abo.html

Sure, good guild is fine. I'll stick to soloing mostly. :-)


I never knew about that particular addon. However, Titan Panel has something similar that shows you the level range/zones you should be in (including instances).

And yeah, PUG's suck. Perhaps one out of every ten I have been a part of actually worked out. The other nine were full of asshat's.

WoW fanatic

I'm going to try out Azeroth Advisor. Thanks for the tip. And this made me laugh: Guild drama aside, being in a good guild does help but it doesn't insulate you from the crazy player-base at large. Ain't the truth. You never know what might happen - which is sometimes part of the fun. :)

Wayne A

Being a member of a guild helps you to develop leading skills. Every body has a job to do and it has to be executed at the poper time.


sorry for offtopic, but could you please suggest me a guild that is easy join? :) I recenly had a quarrel with my old one, and now I want to join some other :)

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