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May 15, 2009



Hate to say it, but I've done just the opposite. I was playing every day and having a pretty good time. Lots of nice people in the game and I'm in a nice (if not very active) guild.

But as I hit the mid 20's levels the game suddenly just seemed to be nothing but grind. I have like 900K gold but nothing to buy with it. I can't use the higher level stuff. The diamond prices went from 4K to 30K each in like 2 weeks (before I had all the gold, of course). I checked in today and they are at 55K or higher per diamond!

The crafting seems pointless.

Haven't played in more than a week and have no desire to play at all right now.

I don't know. I'm having a great time in Free Realms and Ether Saga. Maybe I'm just burned out on ROM at the moment. I've been playing Guild Wars for a year solid with no burn out (just the opposite), so not sure what happened with ROM.

Nice look on the armor, though, but I still like your other a bit more. :D

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Wade - Yes, the crafting is broke from the ankles up. I'm very disappointed in the itemization and requirements. But they aren't the first to release with completely crap crafting. I just hope they fix it.

I thought about looking in to Ether Saga - I think Beau was playing it. Looking at the site didn't really catch my interest. I already have one very cartoon looking game (W101). I wasn't in the mood for another. I own GW NF and have never even installed it. I should give it a try. Like FR I'm not a fan of the instanced landmass. Even though I'm soloing, I like seeing other people out in the world questing.

It's easy to just hang in there with ROM since it's free.


Yes, there is no subscription fee, so I can just check out ROM now and then and hopefully will feel like playing it again sometime. Now that I think about it, maybe doing the daily quests are what burned me out. I should try just doing story quests now and then instead, when I give it another go.

Re: instanced games - I think it comes down to if you play with friends or solo. My experience with non-instanced games (ROM, WoW, LOTRO, etc.), is you team up (if you can find anyone willing) for 5 to 10 minutes of actual play and then everyone leaves after killing the boss. Monsters pop back up in the same spot a minute or two later, which totally breaks the reality for me. Although I will say, short as they were, the grouping in ROM was pretty friendly, although there was little to no team work. ROM really seems to have a lot of nice people playing.

In GW you get a smaller group (often only 3 or 4 people plus their heroes, but sometimes up to 8) together and usually play together for at least 20 to 30 minutes, often up to an hour in harder areas. Stuff you kill stays dead. Everyone tends to work more as a team instead of a big group just standing around spamming the same 3 skills over and over.

If you ever decide to give GW another go (and have the free time to do so), I'd be happy to team up with you and I can probably even bring a friend or two. Besides, my characters have nicer armor in GW than in most other games I play. :D

Just saw your comments on Tipa's post about Free Realms and she seems to have the same "exploring bug" I have in that game. I'm actually hopeful of getting an explorer type group together in FR.


@Saylah: For my priest secondary at lvl30 I still have 3 of 4 pieces of the silverspring set. I recently replaced the upper body piece with the Herbalists Robe. It does not break the set bonus too much and it covers the remaining set parts so it again looks consistent.

@Wade: Yeah, the higher you level, the more it turns into a grind. Early quests ask for 5 of something, later 10, now at lvl30 they often want 20. But one must admit, the grind in RoM comes in a nice "present box". You can pick up a number of quest requesting different items from the same mob type. Plus you get material for the dailies. And compared with WoW, the drop rates are really great.

Jeremy S.

I am more lost than those folks from the TV show of the same name when people say it turns into a grind. I am not a player hater. I despise silly fanboy flame wars, but it's hard to pass along the correct emotion when I say things like what I'm about to say.

What are you players smoking? There is no grind anywhere in this game, NO WHERE! Between the tons of world quests, there's the dailies. My guild mates and I were actually agreeing how the game is kind of grind punishing(meaning it's almost impossible to grind). Okay that was outlandish hatemail. But I stand by the fact it wasn't hatemail for hatemails sake, I'm such a hypocrite:)

I also want to say that is an awesome outfit and color. Your character looks awesome. The aggregator is something all MMORPG's should adopt.

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