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May 24, 2009



You can do Lvl 1 missions in a Vexor? Neither my Vexor nor the Catalyst got through the lvl-1-mission warp gates... The nasty mission that got me quitting in december would have ben a cake walk with the Vexor I guess.

Well, atm I'm going for high sec mining; maybe while the 30 days of Mining Barge V I'll do some mission running to earn the Covetor and Strip Miners.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Soren - No, you can't do all of them in a Vexor. 40% of the time the Vexor is not allowed through and I go back for the Tristan and deal with it when only a Frigate class ship can be used. Those are the times when I look up the mission guide and configure my ship explicitly for that mission - appropriate type of hardeners, drones and ammo. I'll have to warp in and out to kill them all, which takes time but sometimes a pilot's gotta do what a pilot's gotta do. :-)

Something they added to the mission text at some point is a warning at the bottom which says on certain class ships can get thru the accelerator gate. But it's not consitent.


I did plenty of lvl 1 missions in a Vex, and then in my Drake when I finally got into that. Those missions where I couldn't fit through a jump gate I would just go back and do on my little Tristan.


Everytime I see a screen shot of Eve, I want to resub. I actually did last year and sat there in the hanger for about 10 minutes trying to figure out what to do. I drew a blank, logged off and unsubscribed again.

I have considered resubbing and taking a PvP class with Agony Unleashed. I'm guessing a properly kitted Rifter would make a good tackler.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Black - I know how you feel. When you're gone for long stints it take time to regain your bearings and get outta the damn hanger.

EVE is like a light switch for me. I'll get a huge craving for deep space, I'll resub and I'm all over it for a few weeks. The craving gets satisfied and I'm ready for fantasy adventures again. This is no fault of EVE's. This is a game best experienced in a corporation and my jumps in and out that allow for much of that. Quite frankly, since PVE isn't the games' strong suit, my hats off that it is good enough that it's kept me coming back and forth for years.

I should see if there are corps that would let me join knowing that I come and go, so that at least when I'm sub'd I could see more of the excitment.


I've spent 4 days on the trial in EVE, mostly inspired by Saylah's insistence that EVE does not, in fact, need to devour your life. And she's right. =) I find that the certificate system and the new training agents have made this sojourn into EVE a much friendlier one.
@Soren - I found that completing the tutorial missions (the combat and advanced combat ones especially) will give you an abundance of ISK and free ships (even Saylah's favourite Fat Man!), more than enough to get started. I've been working to completing them all just for the easy starting ISK and freebies.

Maybe run into you about the universe, Saylah!


@Soren - Go complete the starting quests. All five trainers will shower gear, ISK and ships upon you, so the newbie frigate should be an issue for all of an hour. =)

Saylah, your blog has recently inspired me to join EVE for good this time (I've trialled it a number of times before) since the recent user-friendly changes; certificates come to mind as a FANTASTIC change. Soren, use them. Love them. =) As a post-grad student and soon-to-be high school teacher, time is a factor; it's nice to see someone who also has limited gaming time able to make EVE work for them.
Hope to speak to you in-game Saylah (Jinwei To is my alias); in the mean time, I'm going to hunt down an Aussie corporation. Keep up the blogging, I'm quite enjoying the read.
Happy gaming all!

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Love - Sorry your posts got caught in the spam filter. I'll be back to EVE again before the year is out. I need to check out some of the apps I've heard about being released. If any of them let me start training or cruise the market while not in game, I'll be back sooner.

Good luck!!

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