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May 18, 2009



... and another one is hooked.

I joined the (very short) beta just to see if this would be something I could recommend for those that want a game for younger children, and have been playing ever since. And I am most certainly not a mini-game fan. At least I didn't think so, but I do seem to enjoy the mining match game. And the racing & demolition derby are fun.

Granted, this is a 15 to 30 minutes max per go type game for me. I can't imagine playing this for much longer than that, unless it is just exploring the different areas.

Good choice on pixie wings, same ones mine has! :D

I'll trade you extra items for your food, I seem to be getting quite a few, from clothing to collections extras. I really don't like the cooking games, except the matching gathering part, which is similar but not quite as good as the mining match game. Ditto on the blacksmith mini, not my thing.


Oh oh try the exploring. Its great fun. You look for collections and spinning disks and win free clothes.

It also levels up your adventurer. If your an explorer type player its very enjoyable.


I get why all that might be a stumbling block for you. Treating the game like a glorified mini-game client seems like a good solution.

I haven't been running into the same issue because FR hits the FUN!!! button in my brain over and over again. It's been giving me a kid-like sense of wonder I've been missing from grown-up games.


Hehe, welcome to the dark side. We have Ninja's and Mystery Cake!

Seriously though, I've also played since beta and for some reason it just isn't getting dull. Every time I play I feel like I'm finding new things. And on a funnier note, I feel like I've met more people playing a game with a limited chat radius than even those with a global chat. >.<

It's nice to just have some fun once in a while.


Yes, you can sell items to other players. There isn't much of a market at large for it like an auction house, though, that I know of. Personally, I'd be glad to buy things from other players--I see the benefit in it, after all. I just never find a chance to, thus far.


My daughter stopped by last night and I showed her the game. She was a huge Bejeweled fan. I almost had to beat her up to get my tablet out of her hands as she was leaving. :-) She's the only one whose never played the MMOs with us. She did The Sims and is a board game junkie. Will be interesting to see if she actually goes home and registers to play.

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