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April 17, 2009



It cost me 4550 Crowns, but yeah, I went straight for Death, too. Then I just went for specific spells from other schools. Actually there were only two spells I wanted for Death -- Spirit Shield and Feint. Picked up the shields from Ice and Storm and Reshuffle from Balance and I was done.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tipa - If the cost is by level they should say that. Hmm, I just walked up to Mr. Lincoln and checked what it asked for and it showed $3500. No matter, I would have payed twice that for this feature. :-)

I want most of what's in Death since I want the healing leech abilities from that class. I'm too giddy to figure out what I want after that since I'm balance with the great shields and damage buffs. Yes, I foresee a fun weekend in game.


You're absolutely right about Runes of Magic. Unless you do a lot of up front research before playing a game, which I don't, being able to reset skills, talent points etc...is essential. Yes, RoM please fix.


The ability to change class and spec decisions is so fundamental to long-term enjoyment of these games that it's still a surprise to me that there are devs who don't consider it.

I'm definitely happy that KI saw the light on this one. Now, if only I could trade gold for crowns via a player-driven currency exchange like Puzzle Pirates...

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Smelt - From our lips to angel's ears. Hopefully, ROM will see the light.

@Tesh - Yes, ROM got the micro-trans currency to in-game gold part right. I was on the other night and someone was BEGGING in chat to buy 199 diamonds to purchase the new mounts. They're only available for a limited time and can change daily. I whispered her and said if she could wait for me to figure out how to do it - couldn't get it to work, I'd trade with her.

It took about 30 minutes to figure out that I had a mod with a global xlm file that had altered the auction house UI where I couldn't see the tab with the newly deployed diamond trade options. Once I got it working we timed me posting the diamonds via skype with her immediately searching the AH and buying them. Pretty funny.

KI is coming along. They'll probably get to that point.

Capn John

Although the Rogue/Knight combo in RoM is touted by many as a good pairing, I regretted choosing Knight as my secondary class. Fortunately I was barely into my teens, so for me it was an easy decision to make to reroll a Scout/Rogue combo. I'm enjoying that a lot more.

I haven't played W101 for far too long now. I got into Dragonspyre but the bleakness of that zone is too depressing for me to want to quest there.


You could always come back to Marleybone and just putter around with me, Capn'. I don't have access to half of the zone, and have done all the quests that I can, but I still just go blast some bad guys every now and then for kicks.

...when I'm not playing my new Storm wizard, anyway. Maybe now that talent point resets are in, I should go back and revisit my Myth wizard, though. I still need to see if I can shuffle pets around in the shared bank system, too.

Capn John

After that last(next) post of Saylah's, I'm getting a hankering to dive back into W101. Tesh, given how tough finding folks is in W101 if you're not already friends with them, we might have to hook up via Skype, or just arrange to meet in-game at a certain place at a certain time on a specific realm.

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