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April 22, 2009



Good luck! I love writing, but a long time ago I told myself that I would never have the patience to write anything longer than a short story, so I write a lot of stories about my characters.

Nerdy? Of course. But it's a really great format: picking out a small adventure and filling in the blanks.

Post some stuff here for readin'.



Seems we all are quite too similiar. We play the same games, we have the same hobbies ;-)

I did some writing in a free internet based writing workshop, two years ago.

Photography became a common hobby since everyone with a cell phone can take part :-( Alas, I even didn't do much serious in the last time, mostly some "reporting" from roadster tours.

I guess that the pictures in the article are done by you? I like most the first one with the yellow/red contrast. The curvature of the flowers matches perfectly: is it a arranged set up or a luckily discovered natural formation?

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Beau - I will since two of them are scifi/fantasy.

@Soren - Yes, those are mine and the first two are staged meaning I setup up the shot. I think a good percentage of MMO players, especially those running around in themed virtual worlds are creative people so we'll have similar hobbies. It would be interesting to see the demographic of writers, musicians, artists, etc in the MMO player base.


I'm just realizing how much time I spend setting up the next fancy shot of my character applying the same rules as for real photography. Some days ago I had a great greenish sunset in Aslan, wonderful light. But before I found a good position around the great waterfall it was over and night arose.

About demographic research: I suppose there is some self-organizing mechanism in peoples interests. Like amazon: "people having this hobby did also enjoy that hobby". And woooosh: you have a cluster with identical behaviour.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Soren - Whew, that statement just got me off the crazy train. I also setup non-combat shots looking for composition in the picture. Now that I know I'm not alone, I feel a lot less crazy! LOL

For example these shots still stand out as favorites and I worked to get them as they are:





Alysianah aka Saylah

@Beau - P.S. Why would you think writing stories about your characters as geeky?? SEVERAL of the bloggers on my blog role, myself included do that very same thing.


Writing about your characters is wonderful. And easy. I like the easy part.

As for the other writing -- I'm not too good at filling out word counts either. I'd look over the material, if the story flows well and is complete -- why not leave it as is? If there's some weak areas you may want to come up with some scenes to reinforce them. If there's some loose story threads look for ways to tie them up. Perhaps there's some room that could be filled with scenes that may not have anything to do with the central plot but help add more depth to the characters or setting? That's usually what I look for.

But, getting to spend some time in New York and going to seminars would be more fun... :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Nef - Because they're not fitting appropriately into the genre. It's much harder for an unpublished fiction author to be published with a manuscript that floats outside of the genre. Plus it feels like a struggle and I'm not sure it's supposed to 'feel' that way. So rather than continuing to second guess myself, I figured I'd do the workshops and see if it helps me decide one way or another.

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