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April 08, 2009



I hope that it's not permanent as I found that resources are good traded in for diamonds.

ATM 1 diamond costs ~9-11k in AH, but e.g. I sell 3 demon grass sap for 15k gold or 3 diamonds. Thus: 1 diam = 5k. When I find some resource auction beeing ridiculous cheap or running out soon, I can get even a better change. I sold the surplus from the lvl-15-elite-gathering and then further bought and sold these resources now and then in AH. Gave me 20 diamonds and a lot of gold in about one week.

I will check the resource prices in the cash shop. I really hope it does not destroy player economy.


RMT/microtransaction based games use grind to encourage you to buy things. Subscription games use timesinks to encourage you to stick around. So far, I think Guild Wars has the best business model, since you pay purely for content by buying the box.


Certainly and while I understand how/why it works, so far I'd found ROM and W101 RMT very balanced. This struck me as rather blatant. But I suppose the RMT mounts and bag space felt as blatant to some.


First, I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I've been reading for awhile but haven't bothered to comment until now.

I've been playing ROM some, mainly due to your articles. Wasn't all that impressed with the game at first, but the crafting is interesting and the dual class (although not as good as Guild Wars) is a bit different.

My main problem with ROM is the whole "rental" bit. I don't mind paying a reasonable sum for things, as long as they are permanent, like a mount. Having to rent bag space and house stuff just isn't going to happen, at least for me. I've actually been playing Ether Saga Online along with ROM and although their pricing looks a bit higher, I think it is mostly vanity stuff, with similar crafting. And like Guild Wars, the pets in ESO actually fight along with you, not get "rented" for 30 minutes or whatever. ROM is looking very much like having excessive RMT so far.

But I am having some fun in ROM and will see how things go with it before I spend any money on it. Or ESO, for that matter, as it is still in open beta. Considering both games could easily cost way more than a $15 a month game, I'm likely to just continue to dabble with them and not do more than buy a mount, if that. Shame.

I'm thinking EVE might be worth checking out, if I could play some type of crafting / merchant / smuggler role. Space combat leaves me a bit cold (heh), I prefer Guild War's combat to most everything else I've tried.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Wade - Thanks for being a reader and now commenting. :-) I'm not a fan of the rental options. I'd rather they have consumables like they already offer and permanent items. I wonder how much they are making on the rentals. Most of the players I see appear to be on permanent mounts - warhorses and the new flashier versions. I rarely see the rental pets out - one of the more absurd things I've seen in a game. I don't rent pack space. I don't have a problem with the house energy rental because no one needs it. It's a very personal choice to put that many items in your house.

I did scan the Ether site when I saw it mentioned as a pet oriented game. Not sure if I could survive the graphics style. It's more fluffy, bright and shiny in your eyes than W101 which was originally a stretch for me. But I might have to give it a whirl just for comparison.

Alysianah aka Saylah

P.S. MANY MANY MANY MANY EVE Online players are doing industry versus combat. You can also ride the fence of industry and PVE Mission combat for cash flow to get started. Or industry with ratting (ad hoc fly around and kill NPCs) to augment your cash flow.

You'll definitely want to be reading The Ancient Gaming Noob and Letrange for insight into that side of the game. They are both linked in my MMO Commentary list.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Soren - Some players are complaining that the economy is being ruined by allowing items to be sold on the AH with diamonds as the payment currency. They would prefer that diamonds be sold for gold or gold for diamonds but NOT game loot drops and player created items diamonds.

I'm in agreement with this concern. The price of items is skyrocketing as people convert them over to a diamond payment since that was deployed. Things that used to cost 5K Gold are now being sold for 15 and 20 diamonds on busy servers, which is outrageous.

Players who haven't purchased diamonds now must sell things for diamonds to even buy off the AH since so many of the items are now being posted as diamonds only as the purchase currency whereas allowing people to buy diamonds for gold but not sell items for diamonds, keeps the AH as a gold currency market. This recent change is also affecting the gold sink opportunities in a game that drops gold like water.

All manner of strange things happening with the economy since release patch. Wizard101 has done this a bitter better even though there is no player trading of items or AH. The game currency is gold. Only certain vendors sell things for the RMT based coins. You can trade in RMT coins for gold and then use the regular vendors. So while the option is there to facilitate RMT coin purchase of items, you have to do a currency exchange via the NPC.

I think that would be better for ROM as well. On the AH you buy diamonds for gold and vice-versa from other players, as a currency exchange, while gold remains the in-game purchase currency.


Honestly, my first thought when i saw resources for sale, was that this won't make them any money, and when i saw the prices they were selling for, I was even more convinced. You can get the same amount of resources on the AH for much less. At least on osha. Since their business model is about overpriced luxuries you can't get elsewhere, I'm not so sure they'll offer that again. Call me an optimist.

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