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April 09, 2009



Full Ack. For europe I'll add a point to the wish list: currently the VISA-payment is broken (looks like a side effect of the AH diamond trade patch). They said to work on it and we will see, if CC-payment works again over easter.

As for 5 & 6: I'm just fiddling around with a knight/warrior (12/12) alt and I noticed the melée skills hanging.

With my rogue(s) I have seldom times spamming skill keys and just reading "skill requirement error" although the action bar timer says "skill ready". It is a bit more often with the knight and was terribly regular with the warrior.


After seeing stuff change names each time I logged in, I figured they must be renaming things, or maybe I was going crazy. Annoying, but I guess they must have their reasons.

The stacking differences is a problem and as you said, combining them is a pain, plus splitting them seems to work backwards to other games. Weird.

I assumed I was getting stunned sometimes in combat although there was nothing I saw to indicate it. Targeting things has been a hassle, but I didn't know about the shift thing (a good portion of the help text doesn't show up for me and there is no scroll slider to see it all); you just made my life easier.

They need to fix the broken quests on my server; which work on other servers apparently. I won't go into my hatred of the entire concept of splitting players into different shards/servers.


When they designed gathering/crafting I don't think they realized that all the mats would be used for elite skill purchase and guild levels/castles. Gathering vs crafting definitely needs to be rebalanced with a reduction of mat quantity. If you could craft green items that would actually be used, the number of items produced to level would not be as painful. GMs have been hinting that crafting has some fixes coming. I think bored 50s in ant raids were a bigger problem.

Skill timers are an issue. I think it has to do with the animation/attack finishing with the mob. On my priest I can launch a Tides at a mob and before the global cooldown even starts I can quick spam the Frost dot. On my knight if I try to wait for timers I get skill not available. Sometimes if I just spam it super fast, it seems to sneak extra attacks in, so not sure what the mechanics of this problem is.


@Wade _ I'd be less critical of the name changes if they were thorough and complete in making these changes. Leaving quests and recipes asking for something that no longer exists by that name is absolutely unacceptable. I have NEVER experienced the like in another game.

@Soren - You're right in that it impacts some classes more than others. My Warrior has a horrible time with this whereas activating my basic slash melee command is fine.

@Berg - Yes, it is very odd. Sometimes I miss getting the 2nd or 3rd skill of a combo executed because the mob dies. However, if I'm really fast the game lets me do it on another mob I had already in combat (usually pull 2 to 3 mobs on Warrior side). I shouldn't be able to do that because the debuff that allows the 2nd and 3rd skill be utilized isn't even on the other mob. *shrug*.

I almost hate to say this but it's a timing issue for sure. On my Priest being plays as Magus Gumpus, I created a macro for her opening cast sequence. The macros ignore the global cooldown. The instant that Rising Tide finishes, Chain of Light kicks. So whatever the problem is winds up being a boon for casters and hell for melee.

I hope the recognize the importance of making fixes and balancing crafting, along side new max level content. I'm all for them ensuring high level players have something to do. We don't want them vacating the game.


You nailed a lot down! I was nodding my head while reading this, particularly at crafting, targeting, skill timers, sticky looting (was REALLY annoying at first, but less of a problem now that I've gotten used to it... still would be nice to have it changed!), and the lack of a dismount command.

Something else that bothers me about targeting is how difficult it is to manually click a mob/npc while moving your character or camera around. It usually takes several clicks for me, I'm not sure why.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Viri - Targeting while moving is insanely difficult for all the wrong reasons. I'd hate to be on a PVP server fighting for my life the way targeting works in ROM.


I have a lot of problems with blind stab. I'll be in front of the monster, in desperate need to blind, and nothing. I'm not in front of the behru? i'm pretty sure i am. Or the same thing with blind spot, I'll sneak up behind something, it says i'm not behind it, so i hit blind stab, i'm not in front of it, so apparently i exist in a void and as a result can't attack kobolds.

Also, you really nailed a lot of things i've thought about the game, but missed one thing i've been wondering about for a while, the plot. What the shit is going on? I was leveling up in the steppes, and kept running across caravans with no explanation as to why these caravans were on the road, going where, doing what. Eventually its pieced together but its not like there's a story arch. Of course, thats just one example, and there doesnt' really *need* to be a plot, but some form of structure to what I'm doing just seems missing. The life of an adventurer i guess?

Capn John

Did you notice if you're in your house, with your Chest and House Bank open, you cannot move items from one to the other? You have to take the item from your Chest and put it in your pack first, then take it from your Pack and put it in your House Bank.

Jolly annoying.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Capn - Yes, that is very annoying. As annoying as the game shifting your camera view to ultra mega zoomed in them minute you enter your house. Grrrr. :-)


I second the targetting issue. It really takes away from game play. Hey you know they might also consider to make the target bubble a little larger as a person zooms out so that his character is much smaller and he/she sees a larger part of the area around them. I have often tried to target a mob with the mouse while zoomed all the way out and its like pulling teeth. I wind up missing and then running into a bunch of mobs not being able to correct the action because of the lag. And oh the lag!.


@Viri - Targeting while moving is insanely difficult for all the wrong reasons. I'd hate to be on a PVP server fighting for my life the way targeting works in ROM.

I am on pvp grimdahl and its rough.

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