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April 02, 2009



This is a point: "too committed now and emotionally invested".

I started on a PvP-server with a Mage/Priest, tested a Knight/Priest and finally got hooked with a Rogue/Scout. From level 15 to 25 I learned, that PvP in RoM is more about noobslaying and bullying and ganking lowies and needs some design fix.

Then I thought about rerolling on a PvE-server. But on the other hand I already had done some emotional and financial investment in the R/S. Nevertheless: in the end I rerolled and let the PvP-toons sleep a while. When I get enough emotional commitment I'll even do some RMT-investment.


Keep the ROM posts coming! You actually interested my wife enough to play herself. :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Soren - Yes it is very relevant and I think it contributes to a negative impression. Players emotionally committed to and invested in classes that changed significantly on release day. For a few days the game was much quieter, especially in our guild. I know some people said they saw people rage quit.

But Artemus is back up to crazy numbers of players running around. 3 instances again last night and you can barely move thru the lowbie quest hubs. :-)

As for PVP, I'd also read that it was mostly noob ganking even though no items drop if there is a +10 disparity 0 or was it +15? That's no fun. I was going to try it out just to report back for those interested in PVP. I wonder how Heartless is fairing.

@Iggep - I certainly will continue. Say hey if you're on Artemus.


Another game company that is trying to keep people playing by making it slower to get to end game because they have no end game. The developers need to try to make the game more fun not nerf and try to artificially hold onto customers by making progress slow and classes useless. Runes of Magic was a enjoyable game before all the nerfs.


@Tagga - I have heard players complaining about a sharp drop in XP gain. I can't tell if that's the case because I've been very focused no testing options of my class and not questing. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case.

They put themselves in the situation of having people at mid to max level before release keeping the BETA characters so... Dunno.

They only saving grace in this case is that the game is free. It's appeal is more to people not playing one of the AAA fantasy MMOs and people who only do F2P. That being the case, people may leave for while all pissed off. But since there's no need to unsub and delete your characters, I think they'll come back. This is the superior option for a full featured F2P traditional fantasy MMO. They can't readily replace this experience elsewhere for free.

Besides, it's only the BETA people that are unhappy. New players don't know the difference. Last night I road from Ystra to the starter area book marking places and those lower zones are packed.


@Tagga - As I've seen it so far, there is a XP-slowdown around 20. Before you race through levels, afterwards the XP per level increase noticable.

@Saylah - The problem with PvP is not the drops but the reputation farming and the fact, that you can't PvE anymore once your reputation becomes too low. On one side you need people who risk neg rep by starting PvP but on the other side they are punished and can't do anything but beeing bada**es. And then they will be quickly hunted down and ganked by the positive rep farmers.

I nearly had done my PvE-reroll on Artemis, but on US servers I can't pay by VISA, so it was no option.


You had me confused with the bludgeon weapon. Staff is a bludgeoning/blunt weapon. Axe is a slashing/sharp weapon.

Sorry to nitpick.


Alysianah aka Saylah

@Boris - NP. I meant to go back and double check exactly which weapons but forgot. I've corrected it to axe or sword, which are the only two that would provide a bleed effect with Slash.


I'm currently at a good spot where I could re-roll my class and look into a better class combination. I chose a Priest/Knight, predominately out of ignorance (as I figured I could always re-do from start if the choice proved inviable).
Would you recommend continuing to use this class combination or work with a Priest/Mage combination instead?

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Creep - It depends on the play-style you were going for. Knights got buffed in the release patch. If you're looking for the best end-game healer it is Priest/Knight for the elite skills and buffs, followed by Priest/Mage.

If you wanted a DPS class that can self-heal the Knight is the problem not what happened to Priest or Battle Monks. Knights are not known for good damage. You can go with an uber 2h axe or something to compensate. The P/K and K/P players I know are still happy. If I had stayed with my P/K I'd be happier too since I want plan to heal end-game.

I never liked the Mage all that much. I have one at level 10. I tried Priest, Scout, Knight and Mage to level 10. The Knight leveled too slow so I dropped it. The Mage I kept for a rainy day to pair up with a Knight. ROM version of Death Knight. I'm only mentioning the Mage now because I'm basically playing my Priest like a Mage without the cool Mage abilities. It's not that I want to be a Mage main.

If you're enjoying P/K or K/P stick with it. It's still a great combo.


Saylah, I'm loving your RoM posts, great job! I currently have a 10/10 Rogue/Knight and while I've enjoyed the Rogue, the Knight has just been painful... granted, I know that I've barely just begun, but I hate to spend too much time on a class I'm not going to like.

I'm a very casual player, I solo 90% of the time. I need a class that's a great survivor, easy to solo with, can get out of tight situations, etc. Basically, self sufficient. I duo with friends every now and then, but mostly solo. I had planned on trying a "Battle Monk" next, but was waiting to hear how this nerf worked out. It sounds like you've find the brighter side of things, but still aren't incredibly happy.

Anyway, knowing all these things, what would you recommend as the best class for soloing these days?

Thanks for the awesome info so far!

Alysianah aka Saylah

This question gets asked a lot and is so subjective to your play style. But let me put together a post about it over the weekend with my thoughts.


Awesome, that's so much more than I hoped for! Hehe... I know it gets asked alot in the forums, and usually the answer is "depends on your playstyle." But I don't have a specific playstyle, in fact that's why I tend to make a ton of alts - I like to try new things out. :)

Can't wait to read about it, thanks!!


Thank you Saylah, I think I'll stay with my Priest/Knight for now. Based on your comments and what I've seen in game, even if the going is a little slower with this combo it still seems a lot faster than a lot of the similar healing combos I've played to date. :D

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