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April 04, 2009



Rogue/Knight = survivable DPS on the PvP server. Rogue has to be primary because stealth is a requirement to survive.


Oh, and Mage/Anything usually kills you in one or two hits and dominate the PvP server :/

Alysianah aka Saylah

@_Heartless - Good additions. I didn't include considerations for PVP at all since I have no experience with it in this game. I also think Mages need to be reviewed for changes or they will be the OP class. It's not exactly right that they are dominant range DPS and in the top healing category too.


Can only speak for the lower levels:

Rogue/Scout (25/25): high melée DPS, scout adds nice abilities for pulling and dotting and deals with fleeing enemies in PvP, survives by health pots and stealth

Scout/Rogue: more "glass" than the other way

Rogue/Priest (19/19): high melée DPS, priest adds survivability (heal, 5sec immunity, dodge buff, magic-resist buffs, ...), Rising Tide is a good pulling tool with excellent mana/dmg-ratio.

There is a saying about mathematicians: "A mathematician is a machine that converts coffee into theories." Thus I thought once: "A Rogue/Priest is a machine that converts mana pots into boss kills"

...of course only if the boss cannot one-hit you.


@Soren - That's funny. Rogue is another class I've never played.


@Saylah: my MMO-socialization startet (by pure chance) as a warlock in WoW. So I'm used to DoT+Pet-gameplay. Later I tried a paladin and for a short time a rogue. While my AoC-visit I rolled a necromancer, but its pets did tank even lesser than the imp in WoW.

As there was no pet class in RoM I tried some combinations and stayed on R/S and R/P. With warriors, I was never happy - fighting felt always slow.


So far i Haven't found my Rogue30/Knight21 all that useful, knight skills help, but nothing spectacular. Then again I haven't gotten my lvl 20 elites yet, i've been lazy.


what would be the best combination with priest??? ...

Alysianah aka Saylah

@marc - uuuuh, I think I've answered that as best I can via the post. There is no BEST class combination. There are too many factors which are subjective in nature.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Soren - OOOOOOOH how I loved my WOW Warlock. I played one from beta to release and as my only character for 2+ years. I love pet classes and DOT spec was always my favorite.


dude which class do u prefer most with priest???
what class would be best with priest if i want to use priest as my main clasS???

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Marc - If you don't want to think for yourself then do Mage if you want to DPS or Knight if you want to heal as priest.


I play a very underchosen class called a fighter, which is a warrior/scout. This may sound like an odd combination at first, but in fact it's one of the most fun, fastest to level, and highest damage dealing classes in the game. The scout's skill vampire arrow when initiating combat makes the battle last 1/3 as long, so I NEVER have to pot when grind questing. It's a really great class, and I recommend it to anyone having a tough time choosing one. =)


warrior/warlock seems best cause u curse them to lose life and warrior have high damage so they die faster


can u make warrior/warlock?


LoL i know this post is old and I'm gonna get shot down for talking about wow, but that post makes mages sound like Shadow Priests in wow.. lol.

Shadow priests can top damage then 4-5 seconds later be at full health.. on their own. =/

Luckily for me, i play one!


This post is old but I just want to point out Warrior/Mage PWN's if you train hard enough. It has two abilities to add insane damage on their own. At skill level 1 (skill, not character) they add 190 damage together... with basic attacks! Did I mention a nuking ability along with a skill that makes it so no monster can hit you without taking damage because they hit you? If Knight/Warrior or Warrior/Knight is a tank, than Warrior/Mage is an ASSAULT VEHICLE!!!


I know this convo is old but warden is the pet class for RoM

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