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April 25, 2009



Good luck and have fun!

Capn John

I dinged 10 on my RoM Warrior and decided I'd like to try the Warrior/Priest combination. I think you said that combo got Nerfed, and to be honest it's not huge DPS like the Rogue is capable of, but I impressed the heck out of myself by soloing the Demon Bear at 12/12 W/P, then getting the Anglie quest and going for him at 13/13 W/P. I would have had him, too, except I had a low level Health Pot hotkeyed (instead of a more rejuvinating Pot), but I got him down to about 30% before a couple of lucky Crits took me out. Then there's an Elite Boss Bear that roams around the northern Barren area, and who I also found just north of Logar, against who I decided to try my luck. But I was barely making a dent in that sucker though, and after a good minute or so of thumping away on him (and he on me) I had him at barely 85% so I chose discretion over valor and bravely ran away ;)

There was an interesting discussion over General Chat about the Rogue/Priest combination. With Rogues doing the highest Melee DPS (especially once they get Dual-wield) and the Priest secondary keeping them alive, some folks were claiming the R/P class to be almost indestructible, and much more solo-friendly (esp. vs Bosses) than the W/P class.

Maybe I'll roll yet another Alt ;)


I guess I really need to try ROM.

Saylah, enjoy the writing! I've toyed with such an idea now and then... maybe it would be wiser use of my writing energy than blogging, eh?

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tipa - Thanks. I've had an unfortunate start. I took a couple of days off to get going and got really sick. *sad face* I've spent the last couple of days in a fetus position in bed, sick as all hell. So much for getting ahead.

I am enjoying the process and I think I made the right choice to try this out. I do think the format/genre I was working in, novel length, doesn't suit my personal story construction style. Learning about and trying to transform my fiction into screenplay format feels considerably more natural to me and that's after only 1.5 weeks.

@Capn - The P/W is a tough sucker no doubt. The complaints were around the nerfed Defense and healer side penalties which pretty much pushed you to staff/caster style combat versus sword and board. Regardless of that point they are very durable.

@Tesh - On more than one occasion, I've worried that I spent too much time writing here. As much as I love it, I think it was sometimes the easy way out when I had an urge to write. Instead of battling the issues I was having with my fiction, I could write things on the blog that were interesting to me and immediately shareable with others - instant gratification.

I'm not perfect but I already knew I could write essay format. Doing so much of that didn't do anything to help my fiction.

The series of workshops is to test the waters of the forms with formal training and feedback. I might discover an affinity with one style more than another or not at all. In which case, it would be fine if essay style is my strength. I'd shape it into something more substantial since my long term goals is bye-bye Corporate America in the next 2 to 5 years for a writing career, in some form or another.

It's hard not to do the blog when gaming is a passion, writing is a passion and such fun and interesting people come to share in the discourse. However, I'd be dishonest if I didn't admit it's sometimes been a crutch for satisfying the urge to write.


Hope you'll be able to find out your writing strengths! I know I've been trying to for awhile now -- messing around with pen and paper RPGs currently.

Getting some writing done, whether it be in a blog or not, is better than spending that time getting frustrated with, and no work done on, another piece. :) Who knows, blogging about games might lead to a career. (game journalist?)


The good side: I didn't miss much MMO-talk while beeing in vacation last week :)

And of course, I wish you the best for your writing project.

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