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April 02, 2009


Winged Nazgul

Thanks for the tag. I'm deeply honored you consider my blog amongst your favorites. I don't know if I'll continue the meme-chain letter as my list of blogs have either already been tagged or probably don't bother reading mine. I also have a mental list of blog topics I need to get on my site similar to yours. =/

But thanks anyways for the mention.


Aw, shucks. :) Thanks for the mention!

I'm truly (relatively) new to MMOs, having only played maybe a total of 100 hours among a dozen or so, all in the last three years (and the bulk of that is in the last six months; Puzzle Pirates is my only game that goes further back, and that's a *very* casual relationship), and I've never subscribed to a game.

I'm decidedly *not* new to *gaming*, though, having played since Pong, and I work in the game industry, so I do a lot of digging and studying as it overlaps with what I need to know professionally. I've had at least a passing interest in MMOs and worldbuilding ever since EverQuest was big, but it's only recently that I've really hit them hard, trying to figure them out.

I've found that my low personal investment in the genre *as a player* means I'm way behind the curve in first hand experience, but thanks to you and the other fine writers you mentioned, I'm getting a handle on some things. Whether or not my commentary is valuable to others is a bit of a mystery to me, but at least I'm learning, which is why I appreciate those who do have first hand experience.

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