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April 14, 2009


Capn John

Glad to hear your daughter (and car) were both unharmed. Sorry about the gazebo, but at least everyone survived the storms okay.

A girl friend from yesteryear used to have an old (late 60s) car that was caught in a wicked hail storm, and despite it having steel panels (they don't make 'em like that any more) the hail was big enough and struck with enough force that the car wound up looking like it had been sitting on a golf driving range for a week. The car was still mechanically sound so she drove it like that for a couple of years before handing it down to her younger sister, who crashed into a telephone pole a few months later. The sister was okay, the car was not. That sister was both the luckiest and worst driver I ever knew, and she managed to write off a couple more cars before her parents stopped buying them for her.

Capn John

Oh, and Happy Birthday! :D


Glad to hear you're OK after those storms. Don't think we got any hail in middle Georgia, just lots of rain.

And belated Happy Birthday.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Thanks and thanks it was fun being off for 4 days. I bought a Wii to try out Rune Factory Colonial but it didn't arrive in time. It's here now but we won't get around to playing until the weekend.


Happy birthday then ;)


Wow, sounds like you had quite the week! Happy belated birthday though :)

Capn John

We're going to need a review of Rune Factory Colonial once you do play :)


Hey Saylah...mind if I ask you a question sometime about AoC? That bear shaman thing + no autoattack is making me look bad.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Sure thing. Ask away or email me at mysticworlds at live.com. It takes some getting used to. In the beginning, I'd forget to keep swinging after combinations. What helped me was to arrange my primary combos > secondary combos > special and "oh shit" stuff in a certain way. This way the keystrokes flowed and I got used to the fact that I needed to ALWAYS be pressing some button or another.

The only one I consistently would forget to keep swinging behind was in combat buff or heal - forget what it was now. had a swirly yellow icon I think. I'd activate then stand there looking stupid. LOL I think that one gave me trouble because it was one of the few single keystroke actions.

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