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April 23, 2009



In december I left Eve somehow angry because part 5 of a chain mission took me longer than all the other 4 parts together. "I quickly do that final step before sleeping" became "Sh*t now there are only two hours left for sleeping and the mission isn't over yet..."

Eve (esp. the missions) is not really suitable for casual playing. In WoW, RoM, AoC, ... I always can stop in the middle of a quest and continue later without penalty. In Eve I then would loose the time bonus.

Never mind, all the talking about Apocrypha made me resub and follow a path I wanted to do back in december: getting a Covetor for mining. By chance I had looted all the necessary skill books from a floating PvP-victim. The other thing I did plan then was FW, but I'm still stuck at a standing of 0.3 - social skill increase doesn't impress the military. So I'll watch your progress in FW and join in, if Eve holds me long enough this time.


@Soren - What the heck? There's a social skill requirement? I have the EON magazine with a FW guide and there's no mention of that in the guide. Oh well, hopefully, I have whatever is required.

Yep, I agree that actually "doing something constructive" in EVE isn't as casual friendly as other games. If you're playing regularly, then yes, you can more easily pop into the game jump in your ship and get something done. If you're not, it takes time to acclimate yourself before you get out of the hanger, if you're trying to do something more than the cerebral exercise of checking up on stuff.

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