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March 24, 2009



I got one of these as a gift bag reward and equipped it w/o fully reading that once equipped, it can't be unequipped. So there I was, losing gained TP to the charm with no idea of why in the world I would ever want to store my TP for later use. Your explanation makes perfect sense and I feel really dense for not figuring that out sooner. Thanks for the explanation and the practical use case for these charms!


You're welcome. The first time, I did the same thing you did. I had no idea what it was for and equipped it. The explanations of many of the in-game items is very poor considering the tactical choices involved. The game is like EQ2 - heavy on great features and very light on explaining them. :-)


P.S. Now that I've gotten a free Talent Respec orb I should experiment to see if you retain those transferred TP after a reset. I'm sure they mean for you to do so but we don't know for sure if it's working. While I'm still leveling and can gain them back would be a good time to experiment vs. max level where the gain would be frozen and I couldn't gain them back if it's bugged.


Soooo many little hooks into the item store, the sneaky devils. So far, my basic play experience has not been affected by the item shop. However, it seems a lot of item shop items are skirting the line of convenience vs necessity.

This is one of them that I feel almost belongs in the standard game as a feature, because it seems necessary to get the expected performance level from your character.

These sort of item shop items are the only part of RoM that worry me (outside the PvP system), but again I have not gotten far enough to be affected by them.


I thought these just give you extra TP or XP to use. I don't lose XP or TP with them equipped.


That's not what I observed when using them but am noting until there is a response from a CM.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Heartless & Tagga - If they work the way Tagga says and are all bonus XP/TP then they are overpowered and will offset game balance between RMT-players and non.

The way it seemed to work the first time I used one was what I explained and would be preferred since it's only accessible from the Item Shop. It provides a check-and-balance. You're offsetting one side of your character to improve another. If it really has no bounds other than how much you're willing to spend then ...


I was wondering if you could clear up some TP questions for me.

I was under the assumption that XP is NOT finite. There are so many ways to gain bonus TP, I assumed you continued gaining it after 50 from remaining quests and dailies.

Does TP gain stop at 50?

If so, then if I want the maximum possible character, I would buy TP furniture and every time I've used up my bonus TP, I would have to log out for a few days and make sure that I was always gaining +100% TP for every level. That doesn't seem right. I assumed it just got you more TP faster for a slight advantage.


In the previous post I meant I assume TP is NOT finite.

But as long as it is not possible to gain lvl 51 with XP bonuses, then XP is definitely finite. What is the point of bonus XP if that means you gain XP without the TP to go with it. You basically get to 50 with less talent than you should have if you didn't use the bonus.


To answer my own questions:


You continue to gain TP after level 50.

As long as that is true TP/XP charms are effectively worthless. The best TP charm does 10,000 TP, and you can make much more than that doing one day of dailies at lvl 50.

I don't see how they can charge $12.30 for the Advanced Talent Charm if this is all true. It could give a slight TP bonus at the lowest of levels, but that is the only advantage.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I hadn't heard that you continue to gain TP. That seems rather odd. I wonder what the purpose is of them doing that?

Yes, I do know that the TP charm max is 10K which is a pittance at level 50. But that's a lot at levels 30 and below. I think they are biting their own hand with the infinite TP. To me all of the bonus items, TP, XP and crafting are all only meaningful while you're leveling up. At max crafting and XP, I'd bank them all. At max level I'd stop using charms too.

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