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March 29, 2009



I've pretty much stopped playing RoM. My Scout/Priest just doesn't feel the same anymore. Hope it'll get better in the future. :(

*runs off to The Chronicles of Spellborn*

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Nef - I hear ya. A whole lot of players are upset. The conversation surrounding these issues dominated chat while I was online.

For me, I'm just trying to find the best adjustment. Something workable for now in the hopes that some of this stuff is reviewed and tweaked.


I'm kind of shocked they didnt wipe the servers before release. Especially on the PvP servers.


I have barely logged on since release, but that has actually nothing to do with the changes - other MMOs have had more play time simply. How any changes affect me is something I have yet to discover.

They should probably have done something more than just a free respec and be more upfront with future changes (actual and potential) before they happened.

Essentially people have been paying to test the game for them. By running an open beta for so long and cashing in on stuff being sold for real money they probably have received some good data about character behaviour at all levels, but at the expense of perhaps some more devoted players.

I do not have much interest in maximizing my gear, so it is probably not particularly good compare to those that put some effort into it. I also generally tend to forget to buff myself when switching classes, so remains to be seen if there will be any significant impact for me.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Cooper - They couldn't wipe characters once they opened the Item Shop. The minute it was opened they committed in writing not to wipe characters to encourage people to spend before release. On the surface, I felt it was a win-win. They needed cash to continue and they had a large BETA of people that wanted to play thru to release. However, no one thought about significant class changes coming in a single patch, let alone the release patch.

I haven't spent cash in a way that the change makes it wasted since most went to my house and the talent point charms. Only real change I would have made had these changes trickled into the game is go with the Paladin combo versus Battle Monk.

@Sente - I don't mind so much that they may have been getting paid while we tested for them. I just think they owed the players a better way of having rolled out these changes and doing a complete reverse on how your main/secondary synergy.


Idle rumination:

How would it change things if the RMT bit were just with a "monopoly money" allowance in Beta? Nobody spends real money, but they can get a feel for how the items change gameplay, maybe thirsting for them once the game goes live.

Sure, you don't get to use Beta as a cash cow, but that's really not what it's for in the first place.


I'm also shocked they didn't wipe the server prior to release. It's not all that surprising that even major changes are introduced between an advanced stage of beta to release. That sort of thing happens in many games, with the issues causing consternation and intrigue on the forums and in the player base.

Personally I would like that sort of thing to go a little more smoothly, with a little more heads up than it normally does. People use the beta to not only test, but as a free look at what they will do when release happens. When studios make drastic changes at release it invalidates a lot of that heads up people want. And not surprisingly it upsets them.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Gotta love being caught up in the spam filter on my own blog even though I'm signed in as me, and it recognizes I own the blog. *sigh*

@Tesh - Monopoly money idea is very interesting and would be a fun way to introduce RMT items. It would be something like how WOW does PTR and places the new gear on NPCs for direct purchase and provides each character with gold to test things out. But as you said, they used that tail end of BETA to start a cash flow then pulled some huge changes.

@Iggep - I agree with the reason why people are pissing and moaning. They tested/played the characters for many levels unrestricted and then WHAM huge changes in a single patch, that was the launch patch no less. Yikes.

Anyone who had another game up their sleeve and was upset by the switcheroo might bail. I don't have another fantasy up mine so I'm hanging in there. There are some builds I'd like to try but without Talent Point calculators I can't experiment as much as I'd like.

I'm curious about how the class would feel & play as straight Priest where I only use the passive buffs from the Warrior and DPS like any other game's Priest class. It would be a HUGE change in TP allocation but worth a consideration.

I have "some" gear to try it out since I keep a few healer specific pieces. The problem is the lack of Talent Point tools for planning a large change, in a game where respecs cost real money. Hmm.

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