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March 20, 2009



I think you're playing the game the way MMOs used to be played; you've tapped into a richer node, where your game time is not dictated by what someone else thinks is best, but by what gives you the most satisfaction.

Better levelers will hit 50, play around for awhile and then quit. You will get there, but along the way, you'll have put your own stamp on the game -- as you are already doing, through your crafting and these posts.

The fast levelers should envy you, not the other way around.


Don't sweat the fast levelers - EVE has it's own pattented remedy for that (so you want to make a bee line for battleships? fine go ahead... oooo, what's this you're flying a battleship that represents 90% of your assets in agme and you're soloing in low sec? Allow me to introduce you to my acquaintances: http://lifeinlowsec.blogspot.com ) which is usually followed by the straining of the type of player that really should not be playing EVE out of EVE. Take the time, learn to fly your smaller ships that can get out of trouble more easy first, get your skills up, THEN go for the bigger meaner ships. EVE is really deceptive in that you think your doing stuff right when all of a sudden you find out that NOPE, you should not have flown like that. It's got really good wake-up calls.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Letrange - EVE is one of the few games where I don't worry so much about people passing me in levels since it's skill based. However, you still want to feel some level of progression if you're continuing to subscribe. That's hard to do beyond skill training. That's hard to do jumping in and out over long periods of time.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tipa - Thanks. I hope so. It just takes thinking differently. The night I ran into the Frog King I'd logged on with the intention of, "Completing some quests dammit so I can level!" That soooooo didn't happen. Three giant frog encounters, several dozen mana potions and lots of laughs later, I hadn't turned in a single quest. By the time that adventure was over I needed to log off for the evening.

Night before that guildies were messing around in the Castle. When I logged on someone said, "Suri's on. Hey Suri come play. Come see my new mount!" And by play they didn't mean do any quests. LOL They meant literally play around in the castle which I did. :-)


Your comment about lower zones emptying out really struck a chord Saylah. The disconnect between new and experienced players is one of the saddest things about traditional level based mmos. It was a breath of fresh air when I started EVE last year that the newbie zones were so full of life and felt very much part of the game proper.


You're only level 28?



I am looking forward to giving RoM a try soon.


I hate leveling. A quote that one of my good friends uses a lot -- "It's not about the XP, it's about the EXPERIENCE" -- is one that I like a lot. I've written about the subject a few times, even recently. I hope we see some changes to leveling in the future -- even if it's just a niche game experimenting. Could open up some great opportunities for the genre.

And if you're nagging yourself over leveling -- don't. :P They're all games and are meant to be enjoyed. If you're having fun you're accomplishing something. It's when you're no longer having fun, yet dedicating loads of time, that you should be questioning something.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@mbp - the zones are still very populated but I have the whole zone ghost town phobia I picked up in Warhammer playing in my head.

@ _Heartless :-P

@Nef - I'm trying but it's soooooooo hard. :-)


I like what Nef posted. I'll add my old adage:
"Play the game and don't let the game play you"

Anyway.. I downloaded RoM and patched last night. I may roll a Mage on Artemis server tonight.


Alysianah aka Saylah

The release went off without a hitch from my point of view. My characters and possessions were all in tact. Yeah!


Some of my most memorable times in game weren't related to a quest or raid and were things I was doing just for fun. Fun makes me want to stay in a game. Being a slave to the mechanics makes me want to leave.

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