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March 31, 2009



This may sound pessimistic, but I wouldn't expect any of this before October. The content patch is scheduled for August, maybe, but Runewaker has had an awesome record of not delivering.

Two new classes -- that was promised for the December 2008 release, which we all know didn't happen (and Frogster denies saying that even though it is in an interview). Expansions every 3 months... well, I don't have a link for that but I am 100% sure it was stated, yet the next content patch is scheduled for 5 months from now... Additional audio, I'm not sure why that stuff isn't already in the game. It may not matter for some people who choose to play with sound muted, but for me it totally kills the immersion and makes the game feel incomplete and still a beta.

I'd rather they fix the current state of the game instead of trying to build more hype with new promised content... It seems like patches have slowed down, too -- next one is scheduled for April 7, almost 3 weeks after release. :/



Alysianah aka Saylah

@Viri - I'm keeping my fingers crossed they live up to what they're saying now vs. have done in the past.

I agree there are game mechanics that need to be fixed - lag, very bad city lag, bugged mobs, combat and display have been out of sync since 2 patches ago, crafting needs a review, LFG channel or something, etc.

But I'd be happy for two new races and classes while they do bug fixes too. :-)

@HL1 - yikes, I'll have to think on that tomorrow. Thanks for the compliment on your blog. I miss COW too. Just not into the particular games the members have settled into.


Hmm, I suppose I am looking forward to the new classes as well, particularly the Druid. :) If it's anything like the Druid from WoW, then I will enjoy it a lot.

Despite all the bad, there is something that keeps bringing me back to RoM. Maybe I just want to see it succeed.


@Viri - The Druid is what I have my ear to the ground about too. I really want to see what that class brings in a dual class game. Seems like it would be shape-shifter, crowd control and melee combat. I don't expect them to add healing since there's the Priest to use as secondary.

Then again, Runedancer sounds interesting too if it's not a Minstrel. Ew, I hate Minstrel classes. They look so stupid whipping out an instrument and playing in combat. No offense to anyone that plays one. :-P

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