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March 05, 2009



This is a neat idea, but anything like this usually turns out to be a huge self promotion advertising thing. I prefer blog rolls of people I read to get around the sphere.


These types of projects are usually pretty fun. Just looking over the short list he has so far there's some similarities between the people -- not too surprising but still interesting.

Can't wait to see the other chapters of questions. :)


@Hudson - I don't believe that is the motive here. I think it is about letting people know more about their favorite bloggers. Most of us aren't posting much about ourselves and people are curious. I know I have a list of bloggers I keep checking for over there. ;-)

Here and there I see little pieces of personal information dropped in posts that let me know who I have other things in common with beyond the gaming and blogging. It would just be interesting to know more. So anyone else in the 41 to 50 category get your asses over there and put in an application. I'm feeling REALLY OLD NOW which doesn't do much for a woman's psyche!!!! Get ta steppin'!


I am saving you now...41-50 here.
This looks cool. Always willing to talk about stuff.





I always wanted to see a project showing who was linking to who in the blogosphere. Or a summary of how frequently every blog updates, how long their posts tend to be, what subjects they cover and so on.

I do like to see a little of the person behind the blog show in their posts, but I'm not so interested in reading up on them. Sounds like an interesting project :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Interesting what people are curious about. I'm not at all concerned with knowing more about the blogs. Maybe because analysis, strategy and correlation is what I do all day at work, which leaves me more hungry for the human side of things in my free time. Very curious...

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