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March 10, 2009



Mmmm, these days I trashed my warrior-alt because I found the rage-based fighting too slow, even in the logar region. He did spend more time drinking healing potions than hitting the mobs. Guess I'll give the warrior another try after this patch ;)


Have they optimized the client any more? Or any speed/stability improvements? I'd check it out when I get home, but Apocrypha just launched and it requires my time. :P

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Soren - Makes me wish just a little that I'd hung in there with the Priest/Knight. The Knight got some love in the area of pushing it forward as the best defensive class. Who knows in another patch they might fix the mana consumption and DPS. Although having slotted it as top DEF they probably won't get much of a DPS boost. But that mana consumption is a deal breaker for me.

@Nef - I hear ya. I'm HAPPY about the skill queues. I want to get back to EVE but it bothers me to be paying for it when I'm not playing AND I can't deal with the inconveniences of the times when some of my skill training finishes. I've been doing level Vs that I don't need nearly as much as other combat things I missed simply because I'm not logging on 30 minutes here 15 minutes there to get the skills I really need.

Enjoy the patch!! I have an interesting EVE plan and post series coming up soon after I hit my level 30 goal in ROM.


ok question - when I go to register on there home page, the next step is all in german. how does a noob go about getting the registration and client in english?


Copper: somewhere on the home page you can switch the web site language. When downloading the client, you choose the language just before install. The client starter app always shows the news page and a login box. AFAIK there you can register too (can't say for sure as I registered on the site).

Saylah: I even have some K/P lurking around lvl12, which, as long as I played, was a well survivor even before the patch. I.e. you could end the fight with nearly full health and full mana. Should be a bit better now?!

On the other hand, the patch massively impacted the scout. Yesterday I pushed up one scout-level of my R/S. Feels no more like a ranged fighter but a melée with wind arrows instead of daggers: pull with low-dmg long range "weak spot", wait until mob is in range for "wind arrow", spam it until close combat, set up DOTs, spam again "wind arrow". (And no: Kiting is no good idea in a field full of mobs.) For me, it's some question of class definition: you have some ranged weapon, but mostly you use it in a close combat situation. Like shooting someone with your assault rifle when wrestling with him. And the patch made it worse.

In the end I'll spend some diamonds for a respecc so at least the scout part will provide good skills augmenting the rogue part. Hope there are no hidden rogue-nerfs ;)

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Soeren - For the K/P I found that if I wanted to fight multiple mobs at once I had to drink lots of mana potions. I'm sure they're going to fix that because it's been a complaint on the boards for a while. At the time, I really wanted another MMO to play that had more features than Wizard101 and was concerned about ruining my own fun by not being happy with the K so I rolled another class instead.

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