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March 26, 2009


Petter Mårtensson

Well, instead of the Arcjet you could fit a normal MicroWarpdrive I, but it takes more CPU from your ship (23 vs 25) - not sure how tight that fit is with your current skills.

About the rockets, I'm not really sure what you are asking about - if you compare it with missiles, rockets have a shorter range but I guess they do pack a higher punch as well. I used rockets on my old PvP Tristan, as far as I remember.


Only 5 Tristans are being sacrificed?


When I started EVE, I was immediately thrown into a war against BoB. I went through a Tristan a day for a month straight before I was able to fly Thoraxs.

Thats why if I ever come back to EVE I will have more skill points than ISK.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Heartless - I've done the noob in a war declaration which was interesting. The corp didn't last very long afterward.

I might up the number. Something special happened in EVE the other day that I'll post about next week. It really all depends on how much fun I'm having. FW PVP is all cost and since I'm mot playing right now I won't be replacing those funds. I want a nice lump of ISK still available for whatever is releasing with ambulation.

@Petter - thanks for the options. I haven't purchased any of the items yet. This gives me something to compare when it comes time. I've only ever used missiles in my Tristan. I wasn't clear of the diff between them and rockets.


Might want to load it into EFT if you haven't to see how it performs, especially with cap usage. Once your cap dries up you're gonna be left with just the rockets going, and you'll want to know how long you can run your MWD. A cap booster may be better for you than the cap recharger.

Rockets/Missile-wise, rockets will have higher DPS and missiles have longer range, since you also use small turrets and a warp scrambler you'll be in pretty close range anyway so the rockets should be fine.

Are you going to be focusing more on gang or solo FW?

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Nef - Thanks for mentioning EFT. I've heard of it but never used it. I will definitely download it and play around with the configuration.

I'm hoping that joining my side in FW enables me to chat with other doing FW and join random groups?? I honestly, have no idea how all of this is supposed to work.


@Saylah That's exactly how FW works. One thing you'll learn quickly: don't ask them in militia chat where to head for the action, wait till you join a fleet and then they should tell you where to head, if they don't ask by typing in chat - voice coms are for instructions from the fleet commander or reports from scouts when an op is ongoing. Eventually you'll learn which FCs are good and which are to be avoided :)


What Letrange said^. Only did FW on SiSi when it was being tested, so I can't say much about it on TQ, but I'm guessing there's quite a few spies in the NPC FW corps.

May want to look into any FW player corps that recruit new players and train them -- might have some ship replacement policies since 5 Tristans are going to be popped fairly quickly. :P


Looking forward to reading about this. I'm entertaining a similar endeavor with an alt. I'm prepared to consume Rifters like popcorn until I don't suck.

Mandatory accessories if you haven't got them already:

Eve Mon (links to battleclinic loadouts)
Eve Fitting Tool (aka EFT)
Ombey's 2D Eve Maps

Probably others, but those I rely on daily.


@Saylah, ok, fit analysis time. When you run in a frigate in FW as a newbie you have a rather simple job: tackle the primary and start getting out when you start taking damage. If you're tackled and going down just concentrate on getting your pod out once your ship goes down. Given this there are 2 most important modules of your fit: MWD permits you to close fast with the target (don't leave it on you'll "cap out" rather fast at your skill level and it makes you a bigger target than a battleship) and your warp scrambler (everything else is window dressing). The idea behind the suitcase is to give you more survivability. not sure I'd go for that, I'd probably prefer to have the mag stab thing but that's me. Mix of OD and IS - double check you may get better results from 2 nanos. Tech 2 vs Tech 1: T2 is harder to fit (usually more CPU taken per mod) and MUCH more expensive, for example I sell 1MN Afterburner II's for 1.9mil isk usually. Since your lows dont' seem to be blowing out the pg/cpu budget I'd actually consider going for larger blasters or standard missiles fit permitting, rockets I've found are not that much better than missiles and missiles have that juicy range advantge. I'd go for all T1 Meta0 for fits. Try things out though at the very least go to the local belt and just tackle rats and see how the ship feels. At this point you're looking for speed and nimbleness. Your primary role will be getting to your target (usualy whatever the FC calls as primary), establishing an orbit and laying down your scrambler. Guns firing are a nice bonus but only after part 1 has been accomplished.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Potshot - Definitely the one I was missing is EFT. I've never heard of Ombey's but will look into it. I had a timely arrival of my EON subscription yesterday, which includes #13 with a guide to FW. Haven't read it but will report back.

@Letrange - Hmm, this is sounding very much like that mission series where I couldn't complete the final part of the big pay-off and it wouldn't let my Vexor thru the gate.

Very interesting...I think it was you that told me what to do to get past that and about the mission guide. Once I equipped the MWD and the scrambler, I moved in for close range with the Tristan and it was a piece of cake. So I have used both of those before - was a first time when I equipped for that mission. Sahweet, I know something!

I certainly didn't realize the there was espionage going on even in the FW corps. Well I thought it was all done via NPC corps to be honest since you have to drop corp for FW or all corp is included. Thought that's what I read.

Anyhoo - Thanks for the excellent information. Lots to look into and I'll probably be increasing the ante to 10 ships minimum. *Deep breath* this is gonna be something. :-)

It's going to be another week or so before I get rolling. Once I get started, I want to play consecutively for a while. Right now I have to get to 30 in ROM. It's bugging me. Plus the guild is so cool and friendly. They are running upper level instances now and I don't want to miss all the fun.


One last bit... Ombey maps are good, so are the Dotlan maps. Knowing the space you'll be working in is very good.

And, again as Letrange suggests, try T1 modules. At least for the first few outings. You'll save millions, have less wasted ISK and can probably fit a dozen more ships for the same price. It might not be as effective, but on a T1 hull all it takes is a web/scram and you'll pop quickly regardless.


What systems are you kicking around in? I'm still playing in Essence, with my base of ops in Renyn. And please do let us know how your PVP fix goes for ya :)


@saylah well you have to realize that it is PVP and even thouth you're flying for an npc empire, you're doing so with 1000-3000 other pilots. And the other side has the same (actualy more). Knowing where the other side is operating is kind of important. Knowing what they intend to do, even more important. So yes Espionage is alive and well (This is one of the big differences between EVE PvP and any other MMO PvP - espionage counts)

Once you have a fit you like, leme know and I'll run off a batch of 10 - takes a single evening - ammo and mods included. I have the Tristan BPO researched and can haul all that in a single trip to any jump off point you choose.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Iggep - I'm still in a high sec zone where I was running missions last - Essence Algogille.

@Letrange - That's good to know and I'm sure the EON guide will help explain it. In my mind, I envision, WOW BG type PVP in FW. I thought I'd heard Van Hemlock talk about running missions associated with FW and doing PVP along the way, which is how I formed that impression. I didn't realize that it was as open-ended as low sec PVP.

WOW thanks for the generous offer. Once I get a feel for PVP in the Tristan, I'll get in touch.

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