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March 23, 2009



Notices your choices of skills in the "needs prerequisite" side of things.

Looks like another case of my more veteran eyes spotting something: Specialization skill books. For those not familiar with EVE these are T2 skills. Basically if you want to stick to a plan of "keep it cheap while I learn" you won't need to start training these first since they have no effect on T1 guns/missiles. If you eventually plan on equipping T2 guns/missiles though they have a place in your plan. But keep in mind the costs:

T1 Meta0 frigate net loss (hull + modules + ammo + insurance cost - insurance payout) kick around 1-300k per hull lost.

T1 Meta0 cruisers net loss kick around 1.5 to 2.5 mil per hull

T1 Meta 5 frigates net loss kick around 6-8mil per hull

T1 Meta 5 cruisers net loss kick
around 20-30mil

T2 Meta 5 Frigates net loss kick around 20-40mil

Note that most pilots don't usually start flying T2 ships till they hit 6-8mil SP and even then it's usually frigates.


@Letrange - thanks for the info. Those specializations are for a couple of T2 items the PVP fitting I wanted required. I only started them in the queue because they fit the limitations of what the queue will let you select. Rather than have hours of empty since you can't use the tool to queue things longer than the 24-hour period, it was just convenient to slap them in their now even though that don't fit into my initial ship fitting.

Unless I selected something in error in EVEMon they were related to guns and missiles. I think the actual ship fitting is scheduled to publish Wed if you want to check back to give more detailed advice.


Yeah, the T2 weapon skills (rocket specialization, for example) are earned by players for mission points (LPs). Those are going to cost you more, because they're not seeded directly from NPCs.

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