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February 13, 2009



The kicker here is that Jason of Channel Massive was the millionth player, and they gave him a free lifetime full access account. He just has to use it in secret. ;)

Alysianah aka Saylah

WTF!! Are you kidding me?!? OMFG that is completely unbelievable. Why is he taking so damn long to get the show posted. I keep checking everyday. He said rl ftl but dang. :-( I have to hear this - seriously, Jason pls get the show published!!! Please!!!! Hopefully I'm not being insensitive to some personal emergency and that he's just busy. *sigh*


Well, yes, I'm kidding. At least, I think I'm kidding. I may be right, but not know it.

(Sorry, couldn't resist poking Jason.)

But yes, I want to hear the show, too.

*Bad Tesh, it's not April Fools, it's Friday the 13th, get your holidays straight*

Alysianah aka Saylah

Oh no you didn't! LOL


This is the one game I think I can trick my brother into playing...maybe. It's really a matter of introducing the genre, imo. This seems like a good gateway 'drug'.

...oh, and did you know that the Ice Stone has melted?

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Nimbus - Hmm, never thought about that. I have a BFF that I would LOVE to get into any MMO but she's against the whole killing thing. I'm wondering if the W101 approach would be more amenable to her. I might have to give that idea a whirl.


Woo! Gratz, Wizards fans!


Apparently this Wizard 101 thing is all that. That's for sharing the 1 million mark with us. That is a pretty big milestone. Might have to re-d/l it and give it another look :)


There's a few caveats to this announcement;

Is that 1 million paid players, or just free players? If it takes 8 months for 1 million people to try a free game that's been fairly well publicized, that's nothing special.

On the same note, is that active players, or people who have played since the game went live? Again, one of these things sounds far more impressive than the other, and is likely the case.

I never got into the game myself - too shallow and seems like it hasn't been properly fleshed out. It's an interesting way to kill a few days though.

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