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February 01, 2009



Is it a chore if it just happens while you're out having fun doing something else?


So Warhammer Online never implemented those quests where they already considered what you looted? I remember the interview with Paul B and I was thinking about that when I discovered by accident that I got some quests completed automatically in Runes of Magic. That goes both for the daily quests and the harvested material also, if you have quests for those.

Overall there seem to be a lot of different points and things to collect in the game and most things seems to be possible to be used somehow - the vendor trash rate is a bit lower than in some other games. If nothing else then one can dismantle an item to get some runes hopefully.

I did buy some diamonds to use, to see how long they will last and compare to my subscription games. One such occasion was when I was in the middle of a cave fighting and inventory got full - I did rent some more space on the spot then. Convenience wins...

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Sente - WAR implemented it just as I described. There are a limited number of collection items that you can turn into get rewards (3 things per NPC) and there is just that one NPC per chapter. Nothing else counts toward having already fulfilled a quest objective.

And you're right harvesting quests work that way too. I "thought" that's what was happening but wasn't sure so I didn't want to say that. However, you've just confirmed what it felt like was happening. I haven't harvested all that much yet.

And I bought some diamonds today to do do more decorating. Someone clued me into a Live Event that expires tomorrow to enter. The Tabora Living contest. If you sign-up you can get a free upgrade to your house. It will be extended to a two-story dwelling. Since I was already decorating might as well enter and I might win my Diamonds back. :-) Regardless, I love my house!!

@Tesh - No, it just happens as a core mechanic of the game.


It sounds fantastic as a mechanic, then. (And intelligent; I've been hoping for that sort of mechanic for a long time.) Are there still questgivers who send you to the same place more than once? (I'm looking at you, Blad Whatzisfritz on Triton Alley.)

I really need to fire up the ROM game. I've downloaded the file, I just haven't installed it yet.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Not so far - there's not a lot of back and forth from same NPC. It's more like the quest hubs in WOW where the NPCs are nearby where you need to go. Of course there are the errand missions but I don't recall being sent somewhere and coming back, only to be told to go back again. Keep in mind that I'm still very low. Where I am now is liking having made it to Westfall in WOW.


You are confusing influence rewards with kill collectors in WAR. The kill collector gives you bonus xp per mob killed. The influence vendor has three levels of rewards from doing PQs (and now RvR)

During open beta of WAR, Mythic addressed why kill collectors are as limited as they are, and why questing remained more 'traditional'. Basically it was done because the players got too confused and the game was found to lack focus, so they scrapped most of the kill collector functionality.


Thanks for the initial write-up for this game, I had never heard of it before. After checking out the website, I decided to give it a try (done with WOW and LOTRO).

Unfortunately, I have been having problems downloading it. The download seems to stop after awhile and I end up canceling it. Anyone have any suggestions? I have tried a few different mirrors with no luck (trying again right now).

Winged Nazgul

I had the same problems with downloading you did. I finally went with the mirror that had the install divided into multiple zips. That worked out the best for me.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Syncaine - Interesting. I hadn't heard that before - the reason why it was scrapped. Too bad that put out that video saying the game wouldn't do that to you. :-)

@Roma - Try what Winged suggested. I tried several times on week then gave up. It eventually worked for me off a mirror when downloading during business hours. I set the download before I went to work.

The patching is also very confusing. It's like the original WOW where it's going thru multiple patches that download, install then just exit the installer without telling you there's more to patch. At first you think you're in a loop and something's not working. Then I remembered old WOW and just keep re-starting the game. It eventually patched all the way thru and launched.

Alysianah aka Saylah

P.S @Syncaine. Not sure why it would lack focus. You're out doing quests and you happen to kill mobs that are a turn in for another quest. When you run into that quest you turn it in. I think they should have left it in especially considering that it's a game where you can't harvest crafting materials. I'm out grinding mobs trying to get mats, wouldn't it be great if I can turn them in to the next NPC that asks for those mobs instead of sending me back to kill the same crap. That attempt at a no-grind crafting system IMHO turned out to be the most grind I've ever done in crafting because of the randomness of acquiring materials.


Thanks for the help. I tried a four-part download, and after nearly three hours the first file is done....:\

Oh well, only three more to go.


That does seem like an awesome way to implement DQs.
The closest WoW comes to this are faction-reputation items that drop from random mobs.

It really is a shame daily quests in WoW are so "explicitly choose to do them" vs. the "implicitly do a quest while doing something else".

I don't think this would work for all DQs nor do I think all DQs should or could be modified to use this system - e.g. doing the Wyrmrest Temple DQ which involves flying on dragon-back and downing N npc dragons - there's no way to implicitly get that from some other activity.

But to have that option for at least some of the dailies? That would be great. Who knows, maybe some Blizzard dev reads your blog and will push to have this in patch 3.2... :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

One of the things about Blizzard is that they aren't hesitant about copying good ideas. Look at all the former Mod applets that eventually became core features of WOW. Somehow they exist in this special bubble where players don't slam them for copying like they do other developers/publishers/games.

I think the casual, as it happens DQs work very well. I do them on a daily basis by accident and it's refreshing. I don't bother with the explicit ones where I would have had to purposefully go off and do something. I think this is a fabulous idea and wouldn't be surprised if it made it's way into WOW some day.

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