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February 26, 2009



My reaction was also when I saw that the pets were only rented that is not for me.

Permanent pets I would be ok to pay for and possibly collect a few. But rent them for a limited time, no way.

A pet is not a rentable thing - the need for storage space can go up and down, so I am ok with that part being timed. Temporary boosts of various kinds is also ok.

But I am not too keen on rented/timed offers that I might want to use _when_ I am playing but not otherwise.

For a few other things they have offers that fits various play styles, but I cannot see people renting pets in general. Maybe in combination with some seasonal events, but otherwise I do not think they will have much busienss there.


I'm sorta the same way. One thing I don't like in LotRO is that they have no pets. The closest thing I have is a pesky doormouse - a housing item that looks like a hole in the wall with a block of cheese in front of it. Every so often a little mouse darts out to grab some cheese.

I liked the WoW pets. The warg pup was my favorite.

Temporary pets seem odd. The point of having a pet, I think, is to have a regular, stable companion to follow you around. The temporary nature flys in the face of what they're supposed to provide.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Sente - I totally agree with timed objects where the clock is ticking in real time versus game time.

@Khan - I'm SO there with you on that one. Yes, it's supposed to be a companion and there's that virtual sort of bonding that takes place between player and pet. Who on earth wants to rent one. Might as well be rent-a-friend, it just strikes me as being very odd.


"Rent-a-friend?" Did you mean "Refer-a-friend" by any chance?


I wonder, would being able to name your horse (and maybe feed it and teach it to count or dance) alleviate some of that desire for a permanent pet?

Alysianah aka Saylah

LOL @ Tesh - I know, I know it's a virtual pet in a game but the idea of renting a pet is just too strange.


The idea of renting a pet seems a little bit too absurd.

I too have always enjoyed the "creature" classes, like when I played Creature Handler in SWG.

Although I see that it's a different business model for the company to make a few bucks, it's a pet, that's just wrong.


I'm a huge pet class fan, whenever they're available I play one. Not having permanent pets is a drawback to RoM for me right now, and the rent-able pets are just silly. I think they have them for impulse shopping -- buy 500 diamonds, buy the stuff you were wanting and have 100 or less diamonds left... hey, a pet -- why not?

Right now I'm satisfying my pet addiction with Atlantica Online.


I find the concept of renting a pet odd as well, and that's also something I would be muttering about! I'm a fan of pets--always loved playing classes that were nature-based and could summon animal companions, or anything of the sort if available.

Part of the reason I'm looking forward to Free Realms is the cute pet system they (claim to) have. Kiddie or not, SOE or not, I'm quite excited about Free Realms and hope I'll get into the beta to try it out. Pets, customizable fluff, casual mini games, multiclassing? Hell yeah!

Seems like with reading Tipa, Tesh, and Saylah's blogs, I am starting to fill my gaming time with f2p games more and more these days. I don't know, maybe I'm just in a more casual mood these days. At times I feel like I'm not getting my money's worth with subscriptions -- I just paid for another month for LotRO and I'm regretting it, as I think I've only logged in for about ... oh ... less than 5 hours in the past couple weeks? Gah.


:D Saylah, I'm not disagreeing with the absurdness of renting a pet. I'm just genuinely wondering if the permanent horse mount could scratch the "pet" itch if you were given a little more control over it.

Renting critters is indeed silly.


Saylah! I just read about an upcoming f2p fantasy game (from the people who did Perfect World). It's called Ether Saga Online and they have a really nice pet system, or what seems to be a really nice pet system. I was immediately fascinated when I read about it and thought of your post. :) Here's an exerpt from a preview over at Destructoid (link: http://www.destructoid.com/preview-ether-saga-online-121669.phtml -- the preview has a lot more good info):

"There is a very robust pet system at play here, and they are actually a very important part of Ether Saga Online. Since Ether Saga Online is designed as an entry-level MMO for casual gamers or for people looking to break away from the intense grind of other MMOs, most of the game can be completed solo.

But to do that, they need their pets. Basically, most every enemy in the game can be captured, and, once under your control, they will fight along with your avatar. They each have their own character stats, as well as weaknesses. It's a lot like Pokemon, and thankfully each one is unique and interesting. For example, I like the anthropomorphized furnace with its grumpy face.

There's still more you can do with pets. You can fuse two separate pets into one new pet with all sorts of status affect boosts, although you’ll have to level-up the new born pet. Another thing is that your character can actually fuse with pets, which gives your character stat boosts."

Plus Beau over at Spouse Aggro has a ton of screenshots up, and the game is damn pretty -- it looks like what Free Realms would be if it were made from an Asian perspective. (Link: http://epicdolls.com/beauturkey/?p=1183 )


By the by ... I found a place that was handing out a bazillion beta keys to Ether Saga. I don't know if anyone's interested but here's the link anyway: http://www.onrpg.com/MMO/event/Ether-Saga-Beta-Key-Give-Away (need to register but then you get a key right away)

Not sure about myself, as I tend to stay away from betas, but I have to say that the whole pet thing and the beautiful art direction has me tempted. I suppose it would be good to try it out and compare it with Free Realms and see how different or similar things are.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tesh - That does sound very interesting. I will definitely give it a look. I've been a bit under the weather with a bad cold since getting back in town. Thanks for the link and thinking of me. :-)

@Mal - Eh, can't hurt to have a look. I don't mind dealing with the bugs & hitches during a BETA.


Hope you enjoy it Saylah. I'm downloading it to give it a try. :)


Wait, I put up a link in this thread? ...

Nope, that was Mallika. Here's hoping you like it, though, and that you shake off your cold. :D


Oh sorry, Mal. That's what I get for reading and commenting under the influence of sinus & cold medication. *yawn*


Hehe, no worries. :)

I downloaded the game and tried it for a few minutes when I had some time today. It's freaking cute, but I'm not liking the camera / movement / controls already. :( I suppose that's not entirely fair, given that I gave the game five minutes of my time and hadn't actually done anything except do a bit of a mental squeal at the cuteness of the pet my character started with, and ran around the starter area a bit.

I think it's quite rough around the edges right now, but I suppose that's why it's still beta. Not sure I'll keep playing though, as I tend to wait till they've either launched or are in open beta. I have a problem with the camera and movement, so that's a bit of a turn-off.

In any case, that's the beauty of f2ps -- all you invest is a bit of time and drive space to test them out. :D

Saylah, with regards to the ROM housing, I'm a little sad I missed the whole free house upgrades. Do they have prices for how much those will be? Just curious.


@Mal - No not yet. I've heard in game that there will be a nice selection of houses (styles and sizes) similar to EQ2. How the players in game discussing it know that I have no idea. Someone said that the bubbled off area in Varanas is going to have Guild Halls and additional house types. *Rubbing hands with glee*


In regard to renting vanity pets, I really don't see the problem. If you think about the perma pets in P2P games, those are essentially rentals too, but you're renting the entire account. If you stop paying for the P2P game you lose access to the entire game. If you stop paying the rental for the pets in RoM, you can still play but you just lose access to the pet. Same goes for bag space or whatever else you have to rent.

Matter of perspective I guess.


I know it's a silly thing trust me, but it just feels weird to rent a pet. A horse, yes. A house, yes. Pack space, sure. But a pet? it's just strikes me as odd.

I will probably given in at some point but I wish they'd do a few permanent on the Item Mall. Oh please do!! I like collecting pet which is another reason why renting is strange. It's often an item that players collect like trading cards. That's probably why it feels crazy to rent them to me.


I know this is ancient, you probably know this or no longer play RoM but the Pets now have a perma-purchase option. They also added another in-game pet system where the pets obtained buff/fight with you. They are available to all characters. I had a SQUEEEEE moment the first time I saw a ferret pet. Torchlight and RoM get me. :)


Yes, I did read that news which is great. I enjoyed my time in ROM but stalled at the 2nd to last zone. It really bored me and I couldn't level past it. I dislike snowy zones which I think contributed to my falling short in ROM and WAR's last zone too.

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