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February 18, 2009



Heh, I had just about the same thoughts with flashbacks to Stranglethorn when I got the Taborean version.

It does work out better in RoM. It was quick to get all pages but one and the last one was receieved by trading with another player. I had plenty of copies to give away also and they also drop after you have completed the quest. So either just disregard them, give them away or sell them on the auction house.

However, a page quest is still a page quest and will take up inventory space. Luckily there were not so many pages for each quest.

Alysianah aka Saylah

This was the quest that made me wish they'd implemented EQ2's method for internally tracking quest items versus stacking them in your bags in the first place. Someone has a mod out that disregards these pages after you've completed the quest. The further you move from Varanas, the less the pages drop so it's a short lived inconvenience.


"The ability to accept a quest after you’ve already incidentally acquired an item is a thing of brilliance and reduces grinding things considerably."

hmmmmm...I remember a certain Creative Director who promised but didn't deliver on that same concept with a recently released AAA mmo. Cracks me up that a ftp mmo does it with no problem.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Copper - Ironic isn't it. The "unfocused" PVE content experience excuse just doesn't ring true enough for me. I don't feel unfocused. I feel FREE to choose my own path of progression instead of running an exacting line a designer thought felt right by their standards and preferences.

Not to belittle designers and their talents, I just think they've gotten frozen in the wrong place. Stop trying to make me tow a line. Stop drawing the lines for me and forcing me to walk them. Instead I'd like to see them focus their talents on making compelling content and creative ways of interacting in their worlds but leave the path selection - the journey to me.


"I’m sorry that felt hack."
That's EXACTLY my gut-reaction everytime i hear RMT mentioned.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Thoms - That's fine for a gut reaction. How do you feel once you listen to other perspectives? What is that makes you feel that? Your actual concerns for how it might impact you? I'm curious so share if you feel like it.

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