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February 19, 2009



I actually prefer RMT over subscription. If I stop playing for awhile, like with DOMO, I automatically stop paying. If I stop playing Lord of the Rings for awhile, I still keep getting charged.

Alysianah aka Saylah

That's another very valid point. I don't like subscribing and unsubscribing myself. If I know that I won't be playing for several weeks I have to make the keep/drop decision. Once I unsubscribe if a little time frees up to play where I would have played, I don't because I'm not going to subscribe again just for a small window of time.

I'd be willing something else - buying a block of time for those games or some other pay as I go. However, I think that concept is even scarier to people than F2P w/RMT. F2P w/RMT is the closest thing we have now for not having to pay when you're not playing.

On the Massively thread, this is what Beau Turkey calls out as the advantage for players who like to play many games but aren't actively playing them all within a given month.

ROM will get their $15 a month from me when I'm playing because I'm able to live out some of the things I couldn't achieve in EQ2. BTW Tipa - when they add more fluff non-RMT furniture, I need you to play ROM long enough to design my little crafting shoppe / Tavern. :-)


Microtransaction games work around the simple but brilliant concept that you pay for what you play with. It's a model that has worked for restaurants for scores of years, despite them also embracing the buffet (subscription) model.

Beyond that, I think that F2P games earn their keep a bit more honestly. They get money after you decide their game is worth it (a bill after a lovely meal), rather than charging up front for something that may turn out unappetizing or unfilling (buffet price at the door). It's definitely something that requires a bit more shopper savvy and attention to the wallet, but really, America could use that anyway.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Tesh - I've done the pay at the door several times in recent years for game where I didn't even last the 30 day subscription of top of having purchased the box. On some level people don't like change and I think this model is new/change for Western gamers.

I like the RMT I've run into so far but that doesn't mean that every F2P/RMT game is wonderful or would appeal to me. Right now I'm enjoying the options and having a voice in where my money is applied and what I value doing with my time versus preset restrictions, conditions and walls.


Well, MT/RMT games are not more assured of quality than a sub game is. It's always going to be a mixed bag. The key is just that a F2P game lets you decide to pay because you like how the game plays, not because you hope it will play a certain way. ;)


If I could get refunded for every MMO I've bought and disliked a couple weeks into play... Well, it's good that these days there tends to be some form of free trial available. (though, usually some time after the game has been released, and short enough to lack the meat of the games)

I use to dislike the idea of RMT, but I've warmed up to it, for the various reasons mentioned. Now I just wait to see how this business model will be furthered in western gaming.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Scott - Sorry you got caught in the spsm filter. I actually thought that myself until I started trying them.

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