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February 18, 2009



Stuff like this is why I won't even TRY Lineage 2.

I have seriously little desire to be playing someone's sex fantasy.

Alysianah aka Saylah

LOL. Is it rampant or something on L2? I couldn't make it that game past level 5 and I tried it twice. I believe there is a marriage feature in this game. I've never run across it but I've seen the Marriage Counselor. I meant to do a post about the good community, the home town feeling of playing ROM. I see couples all over the place sitting in close poses and such. I think it's cute. Guess now that I did this post about the possibly negative side of genders in games, I should write the other since I have the pictures already.


Nice butt.

And those pumps! Sah-weet!

Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)


I think the community is really just that nice. I'm playing a dopy looking male W/R and I can usually find people that will help me out, even if the quest gets messed up and we have to do it a couple of times.


An MMO community in a F2P game is nice? Didn't the Memo of Doom categorically state that F2P gamers are scum?


As a male gamer that plays female toons, I've had these situations happen. Not so much these days, but more in the past (EQ-ish days).

The first incident was a definite, the second a strong possibility, the third I kind of doubt. I tend to help others through their quests regardless of character or real life gender, so I'm sure there's others that like to help too. :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

LOL @ Jason & Tesh.

I'm inclined to agree with Nef that incidents one and two were gender related and maybe not the third. The difference in tone I'm feeling in ROM as compared to others makes me wonder about the motivations. And for me, incident #1 was absolutely a first and I've been gaming a while.


There will certainly be players who will do you favours (or what they consider favours) just because you are female.

If the quest in question was the Ancient Dreanland quest I believe that one has to be done once per player in the team, plus that you need to be close to the altar to get the update - the team I was in certainly had to do that.
That case I think was more likely of just common courtesy, regardless of gender.

But there are all kinds of people in game; from those that do not care about the gender of the player to those that will give special treatment to ladies and those that more or less freak out in the presence of real females.

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